• Farrah Abraham Has A Sex Tape, Celebrate With 14 Cryface Pics [Gallery]

    The reality star has been making headlines for her recent plastic surgeries and DUIs and now she is in the news for a brand spanking new sex tape with porn star James Deen.

  • MTV’s Controversial New Show

    In the past decade, MTV has evolved from a network that aired mostly vapid shows that relate vaguely to music to one that tackles some of the most serious issues facing today’s youth. Often the focus of these programs are controversial in nature: we’ve seen specials on polyamory, cross-dressing, and body dysmorphic disorder.

  • Talkin’ Babies With Maci from MTV’s Teen Mom

    The new season of Teen Mom premiers tonight at 10 PM on MTV and this CollegeCandy intern couldn't be more excited. Not only do we get to find out if Amber's havin' another baby, but I had the chance to chat with everyone's favorite mama, Maci. She filled me in on how her life has changed since she moved from Chattanooga, Bentley started talking up a storm, and even gave the CollegeCandy readers some invaluable dating advice.

  • Teen Mom: For Lessons or for Ratings?

    Teen Mom. Yes, like most people, I am obsessed. I am still trying to figure out what Catelynn has that I don’t (besides braces, a trailer, and a 1995 JCPenny homecoming dress) that makes Tyler choose HER over me. SO unfair.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: January Signs Off

    My favorite combination of four letters is finally here: TGIF. Whether you were finishing up your first week of school, or applying for internships, this week was a productive one for all of us. And so was this month! Is January really almost catapulting us into February? The month was especially productive for the fist pumping guidos of Jersey Shore, as the cost per fist pump sky rocketed.