• Amber Rose Tweets Her Naked Baby Bump

    I'm not a big fan of pregnant lady pictures, and this one is kind of just as weird. What do you think? Is this picture crossing a line?

  • Taylor Momsen Is Naked in Her New Video and I Should Care Why?

    In my opinion it's supposed to be tasteful and representative of the lyrics in her piece. The last thing she says before the camera zooms out on her nekkidness is, "and finally I'm free." Obviously the act of not wearing clothes has symbolized freedom for a while, so I understand.

  • 12 Celebrities We’d Love to See Parody Magic Mike

    So over the weekend, Joseph Gordon-Levitt appeared on Saturday Night Live. In his opening monologue, he parodied Magic Mike, complete with grinding on an audience member.

  • Woman Gets Naked at Airport [Candy Dish]

    Ever seen a woman strip down naked at the airport? Gary Ross confirms that he will not direct Hung…

  • 11 Things NOT To Do While Going Commando

    What is my favorite thing about both my roommates going out of town for the weekend? Being naked. Nothing feels better. Oh, I want a glass of water? No, I won't put on pants for that. Don't get me wrong, I like fashion as much as the next girl, but my days and nights would be so much easier if I never had to think about clothing again.

  • Down With Coed Bathrooms!

    There’s an unspoken rule that makes it allowable for you see your best friend's (or guy friend’s) bare ass in certain situations: a dare, a (drunken) hookup, a music festival, or on amateur night at a strip bar. But in the shower? That might be going a little too far, and one Green Mountain College student agrees.

  • Would You Rather…[POLL]

    Would you rather have to go about college life normally for a day except that you're naked or retake all of the tests you took in your worst class (without having any time to study) because your Prof lost the grades?

  • Duke It Out: Is Lingerie Right For Women?

    Practically every woman I know owns at least a couple of sets of racy underpinnings, and there's a good reason for it. Completely aside from the obvious "look sexy for sex" aspect of lingerie (let's face it, if clothes are coming off, guys care less about the undies than what's under them) there's a certain mental boost that comes from wearing pretty things.

  • Sexy Time: The Perfect Striptease

    I’m a stripper. Well, not really, but I have done a good number of amateur nights. I’ve danced on stage naked for strangers, swung around the pole, and even given private dances. I was incredibly nervous my first time, but realized quickly that it was EASY and exhilarating.

  • Why You Should…Be Naked

    I love clothes. I have a closet full (or three). My love borders on an unhealthy addiction (so says my parents and the credit card company, but bah!), however...I also love being naked. No, that does not mean I love being naked with other naked people. I like being naked by myself. Just watching TV or reading a book or, even better, taking a nap.

  • Body of Lies: Keep The Clothes On, Dudes

    Some people were just meant to be naked. They worked hard on their bodies (or were blessed by some freak chance of natural awesomeness) and I won't stand in their way of presenting perfection to the world. Hell, I always say that if I had the goods, I'd be showing 'em off, too. However, there's a reason I'm not showing my "goods" to anyone.

  • Overheard: Boyfriend Rental Service

    (A bunch of people sitting around a campfire.) Girl 1: Marshmallows are kinda gross, when you think about it. Girl 2: I think it's a good kind of gross. Like tiny, edible fat people.

  • He Said/She Said: What’s Up With Strip Clubs?

    There are few topics in a relationship that cause more controversy than strip clubs. Many of us can't understand why our man would need to watch some other girl strip it off and shake her ass in his face when he can have our naked ass in his face whenever he wants it (for free, I might add). And isn't watching some other girl get naked a form of cheating?

  • I Danced Naked For Strangers!

    A few months ago my roommate and I went to a strip club with some friends. I was expecting a trashy bar with dirty-looking girls, but it wasn’t like that at all. The club was small, clean, and felt safe. The girls were all attractive, not supermodels, but they looked real. And we had a blast.

  • VH1′s Tough Love: “Sex and the Male Brain”

    The ladies of Tough Love were back last night and, as on the first two episodes, sexy Steve had a sexy lesson up his sleeve. He instructed each girl to set up their own photoshoot where they demonstrated what "sexy" means to them.

  • Sexy Time: Have Sex, Save Money

    We all know the economy is terrible and that money is tight. And most can agree that not having money really, really sucks. I’m here to show you, however, that saving money doesn’t have to be all that bad.

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