• Ditch the Stage Five Clinger for Good

    Though we now know what to call these super clingy folks, and typically know what signs to look out for when entering a relationship, sometimes they manage to latch themselves to us anyway. F*****ck!! So when you've got some "Well, I thought he was cute at the time..." guy blowing your phone up and wanting to see you all. the. time., what's a girl to do?

  • Single. Not Needy

    Needy. Ugh. That one word can make any guy run for miles, and being labeled as such is every girl's worst nightmare. It's funny in the movies; we can all ROTFL when a character leaves a guy seventeen voicemails in a row ("How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days") or assumes that an invite to a party is a declaration of love ("He's Just Not That Into You"), but the reason it is so funny is because it's based in some very real, very painful truth.

  • Dealing With a Stage Five Clinger

    Hanging out with someone new is always exciting. I absolutely thrive off those first few weeks of a budding relationship when all I can think about is the other person and wonder if he’s thinking about me, too. I love anxiously waiting for that phone call or text message after the first date that seals the deal that you two might have a future together