• Julie Chen Got Plastic Surgery To Look Less Asian Due To Racial Pressures

    I read this story this morning and was brought to tears because it is so effing depressing.

  • Thousands of University of Delaware Students Cause Riot To Film Party Video w/ I’m Schmacked

    They decided to film one at University of Delaware and shit got real on the streets of Newark—fast! There was a real honest to God riot with thousands of students and a ton of police.

  • This College Prof Had A Home Pot Lab, Not As Cool As You Think

    See, mom, professors be cray sometimes.

  • Matt Bomer Didn’t Want To Be Christian Grey Anywayz

    After Charlie Hunam and Dakota Johnson were cast in Fifty Shades of Grey, 50,000 people at least have petitioned to have Matt Bomer and Alexis Bleidel play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

  • NYU Law Students Receive (Hilarious) Angry Email For Karaoke’ing Too Hard

    Some NYU Law students were partying karaoke-ing too hard (is that possible, have you heard me sing Ginuwine's "Pony" after 3 cosmos? It's amazing.).

  • Electric Zoo Festival Canceled Following Two Fatalities

    The final day of the three-day Electric Zoo Festival was canceled by the New York City government due to two fatalities that occurred this weekend.

  • 3D Scan Reveals How Bad High Heels F-UP Your Feet

    The picture above is a 3D scan of a woman's foot in high heels.

  • Dictionary Adds “Twerking,” “Selfie,” And “Badassery”

    Twerking, selfie, buzzworthy, food baby and badassery have now been added to the dictionary.

  • There Is Going To Be A Miss Arab USA Pageant

    The idea is to promote the beauty of Arab women and the cultural garments they wear. It's intended to be empowering not objectifying and to help Arab women embrace their beauty as a people.

  • Miley’s VMA Twerk: Why Do We Freak Out When “Good Girls” Go “Bad”?

    I think a wise man once said, "I disapprove of how you twerk, but I will defend to the death your right to get super turnt."

  • Underemployment Is Still Looking Grim For Recent Graduates, You Guys

    "The nearly 19 million 4-year college graduates expected over from 2010 to 2020, according to the NCES, will be disappointed to find only 8.5 million job openings requiring a bachelors degree over the same period, according to the BLS."

  • Watch This Georgia Tech Student Give An EPIC Welcome Speech, ICYMI

    He is serving all kinds of Harry Potter realness.

  • Students Put NSFW Vaginas On Newspaper, Get Censored & Banned, Are Seriously Bummed

    Students at the University of Sydney wanted to challenge misrepresentations of vulvae in effort to create more body positivity.

  • Lady Gaga Caught Cheating The System To Get Youtube Views, Billboard Calls Her Thirst Out

    Lady Gaga tweeted a Facebook link that allowed fans to basically auto-play the "Applause" video over and over again, for hours, without being at the computer or watching it.

  • University Misspells “College” On Graduates’ Diplomas

    Fourteen summer graduates from GRU's Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences saw that on their diplomas college was spelled with three Ls.

  • Olivia Wilde Is “Grossed Out” By Women Who Get Plastic Surgery

    "I am so saddened and grossed out by young women who look like creepy, old aliens because of their new Barbie noses and lips."

  • In Disgusting News, Some Guys at Cornell Decided to Make a Website that Degrades Women

    Some really awesome dudes over at Cornell University took it upon themselves to yank Zuckerberg's idea and humiliate a whole new set of college girls! Oh goody!

  • TWENTIES Is A New Show About Brown Ladies In Their ’20s

    Lena Waithe has created a comedy series called TWENTIES about African American ladies, queer a…

  • Dartmouth Throws A Blood And Crips Themed Party, LOL That Sounds Scurry

    I'd just be too scurred to go to a party like this. Shit could get real, bb.

  • Debt-Free College Students Make More Friends Than The Debt-Plagued

    A study found that debt-free college students made more friends than the debt-riddled because of one simple fact: there was less at stake.

  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers Are Flat Out Lying To Women About Abortions

    They found that 71% of Virginia CPCs flat out lie to women about healthcare.

  • 5 Reasons University of Iowa Is The Princeton Review’s #1 Party School

    "University Of Iowa Baseball Players Think A Ghost Is Stealing Their Girlfriends' Underwear"—Yes, this happened.

  • This Lady Thinks ALL WOMEN Want To Have Children, Even If We Say We Don’t

    "Any woman who says she's happy to be childless is a liar or a fool."

  • Buy A 3-D Printed Copy Of Yourself For Your Shrine Of You

    I guess if I was really bored and had a lot of money I would make miniatures of me twerking and of my underlings bowing to my golden Hello Kitty sofa, alas, life is but a dream.