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Jan 14, 2016

Tidiane Cheik Diaw Arrested In Case Of American Artist Murdered In Florence

He's a 25-year-old Senegalese man who arrived in Italy a few months ago illegally.

Jan 9, 2016

Muslim Woman Ejected From Donald Trump Rally After Staging A Silent Protest

Rose Hamid drew the fury of the crowd although she did not say anything.

Dec 30, 2015

Bill Cosby’s Mug Shot Revealed As Comedian Is Released On $1 Million Bail

His next court appearance is scheduled for January 14, 2016.

Dec 22, 2015

Drake Bell Arrested On Suspicion of DUI

Hopefully 2016 treats Drake Bell better than 2015 did.

Dec 17, 2015

Scented Candles & Air Fresheners Pose Dangerous Health Risks

It seems like anything in this day and age will kill you.

Dec 5, 2015

Conservative Blogger Shoots Holes Through ‘The New York Times’ Editorial

This is the first time the newspaper has ran a front page editorial since 1920.

Dec 5, 2015

President of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr., Encourages Students to Arm Themselves

Despite suggesting genocide, Falwell was met with immense applause and positive support.

Dec 2, 2015

At Least 20 Victims In Inland Regional Center Shooting: Must-See Photos

San Bernardino Fire Department units were responding to a report of a “20-victim shooting."

Nov 28, 2015

3 People Dead After Gunman Opens Fire Inside Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood

It is not known if Planned Parenthood was the intended target.

Nov 20, 2015

Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak Has Reached 6 States

45 people have been infected to date.

Nov 19, 2015

13 People Dead After Seafood Bacteria Outbreak

Perhaps it is advisable to leave seafood off the holiday menu this year.

Nov 14, 2015

Blake Shelton Hailed a Hero After Rescuing Group of Strangers Stranded Near Oklahoma river

"If it wasn't for Blake, I would have been out there for countless hours. ...I would say he is a hero."