• Candy Dish: Bookworm

    Candy Dish: Bookworm

    •Which YA novels would you reread? •Get ready for a celebrity cat fight! •Are creative people more likely to cheat? •Daniel Craig thinks the Kardashians are idiotsWorry free outfits for finals week •Fun alternatives to your average winter coat

  • Web Spy: Litfy

    Web Spy: Litfy

    As college students, we do a lot of reading. And while I love to read, I don't love how much I can spend on textbooks each semester. Which is why I'm always looking for the best deal when it comes to books -- so imagine how excited I was when I discovered I could save money on my books for my English classes by reading the them online for free on sites like Litfy!

  • The Ten Novels that Every Girl Should Read

    The Ten Novels that Every Girl Should Read

    In the late 1800s, children’s literature split into two overall genres: boys’ books and girls’ books. Although girls’ literature continues to be published today, the recognition of female protagonists is often overlooked. In a world full of Mowgli’s (from The Jungle Book) and Harry Potter’s, it’s hard for girl characters to get the recognition they deserve.

  • The Bookworm Gift Guide

    The Bookworm Gift Guide

    As a bookworm myself, I always appreciate thoughtful gifts that I will use. And, yeah, I can appreciate a good bookstore gift card now and then, but there are so many other creative gifts out there that are way better. Unless you are a book worm yourself, it's hard to get a gift that this nerdy friend of yours will actually like and use! So, let me help you.