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  • And The Award for Worst College Behavior Goes To…

    And The Award for Worst College Behavior Goes To…

    With the list of Razzie's nominations coming out and celebrating the worst of the worst in Hollywood, we thought we'd award our own set of Razzies to some oh-so-deserving college students who have not been demonstrating the best college behavior this year. And by "not demonstrating the best" we we're not talking about students who skipped a few classes or drunkenly fell off a few lofts.

  • Be Nice, Ohio State!

    Be Nice, Ohio State!

    When I was a freshman my sorority whisked my pledge class away to an undisclosed location for a girls-only bonding weekend. We were told nothing about where we were headed; our only instructions were to bring some sweats and a going-out outfit or two. It was only once we were 45 minutes into our drive that we learned where we were going: Ohio State University.