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  • Pole Dancing at the Olympics?

    Pole Dancing at the Olympics?

    Every four years we count down the days until the Olympics when we can watch the world’s most talented athletes compete for the gold in all of our favorite sports. You know… curling, skeleton, and tug-of-war (yes, it was actually once an Olympic sport). OK so maybe they’re not our favorite sports.... and maybe we hear nothing about them all year until the Olympics... and then maybe we spend the whole time trying to figure out what is going on.

  • At What Price Glory?

    At What Price Glory?

    As anyone with access to the internet, television, or a newspaper knows, these summer Olympic Games have put the city of Beijing under an international...

  • Candy Dish: China Knows How to Party

    Candy Dish: China Knows How to Party

    I hope you are staying in tonight, because the opening ceremonies are gonna be off the chain! Tara Reid will not be Dancing with the...