• Bachelorette Partying 101 [Ask Tuffy Luv]

    I have to go to a bachelorette party, but I've never been to one. What are we going to do? Where are we likely to go? What should I wear?

  • Don’t Freak Out! Here’s What to Wear On Christmas [CC Loobook]

    Sure you want to dress up and enjoy these special occasions but that doesn't mean you have to do look like an extra from Gossip Girl. When this much glitter is involved it gets a little complicated, so check out my tips below to help you find the perfect outfit for any holiday party this season.

  • How to Make an Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Everyone scrambles to find the ugliest sweater possible at thrift stores but if you don't go early enough, you'll end up with a less than stellar tacky sweater. Instead of getting discouraged, why not make your own tacky sweater?!

  • Patriotic Party Girl [8 Under $20]

    The nation's birthday is almost upon us (as is my own!) and that means it's time to put together the best red, white and blue ensemble you can.

  • Things That Are Likely To Happen When I’m Drunk [Infographic]

    Here at College Candy, we think everyone should embrace their drunk selves (read: real selves) for who they really are. So we made this handy infographic for you, about the things that are likely to happen when you're drunk. Don't even try to lie to yourself, you know you recognize at least a few of these points.

  • Clutch Essentials For The Club [Budget Stylista]

    It's almost summer, and the days spent cramming for finals and living the dorm life are winding down. To celebrate acing your exams, go out with a second semester bang by clubbing with the girls! Often times I find myself annoyed while packing my clutch, because I have to remove and replace items because of the size. I'm not about to carry around a tote, but I'm an over-packer/planner.

  • Shoes For Prom and Formal You Can Actually Afford

    Teen Vogue has a slideshow on their site right now of "100 party-ready heels for prom." Even though we're well past our prom days, we still love a good pair of heels – whether we're heading to a formal, going out, or just because. But after a few clicks, we discovered that Teen Vogue's picks are way out of our price range. Check out the affordable alternatives we found to Teen Vogue's pricey picks.

  • How to Throw an Epic Pi Day Party for Your Ex-Boyfriend

    Happy Pi Day! Today's date is 3.14, get it?! In case you blocked out the painful experience of high school math from your memory, I'll tell you a little bit about Pi. It's the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi is an irrational and transcendental number, which means it will continue infinitely without ever repeating. It's been calculated to over one trillion digits. In other news, March 14 also happens to be my ex-boyfriend's birthday.

  • Candy Dish: Models Only

    • PR tells guests not to bring ugly friends to party. • Oprah is Blue Ivy's godmother. • Netflix is going downhill fast. • Ashton not concerned with Demi Moore. • Add a little lace to your look • Kim K just followed her heart!

  • NYE In Vegas: Pay Way Too Much Money To Party Near Celebs

    If you think your NYE outfit, alcohol supply and approximate cab fare combine to cost a pretty penny, just be glad you aren't greeting 2012 from a nightclub in Vegas. It might sound fun at first: there's a ton of options, the venues are gorgeous, and you can simply walk back to your hotel room whenever you're ready to change outfits in time for breakfast, right?

  • 8 Under $20: Silver and Gold

    One of the most fun nights of the year, New Year's Eve, is just a few days away, but don't worry if you don't have an outfit picked out yet! Here are some great outfit options for New Year's in the perfect colors for the night -- silver and gold. No matter where you are or what you do for New Year's, you'll want to sparkle, and all these pieces will help you do just that!

  • The Weekly Ten: Last Minute Gift Ideas

    I love giving presents. I love the face people make when opening up the specifically picked gift, hearing the sounds of the wrapping paper tearing. I love the hugs and thank yous, the 'Oh my god! You totally shouldn't have (but I'm secretly really really glad you did)'s. However, I hate the process you need to take to get there.

  • The Guide to Throwing an Awesome House Party

    Throwing the perfect house party can be a lot of work and a lot more stress than most people are willing to admit. How much alcohol should you buy? Who should you invite? Is it worth it to make Jello Shots? Or are they a waste of money? While we can't predict if your invitees will go gaga over a hand-carved ice luge, we can give you the answers to throwing an absolutely awesome house party.

  • How to Get Your 15 Minutes of Fame in College

    Being famous seems pretty fabulous, and if you want to get up to the level of Mark, ole’ Snooks, or even Paris, who’s always on top in her video and off, college is the place to start. If you think running for an office, being involved in multiple organizations, or leading your sorority is going to get you famous, it’s not. Don’t be a fool.

  • Friday Faves: Being Drunk Makes Everything OK

    The truth is, alcohol lowers our inhibitions…and standards…for everything. We do things when we’re drinking that we’d never, ever, in a million years consider when we’re sober (like mixing ranch dressing and brownies).

  • The Worst Party Fouls

    PARTY FOUL! Don’t act like you haven’t heard it before. According to Urban Dictionary, it’s “something socially unacceptable done in a social gathering.” For those of us who have been in the presence of a party foul or may have accidentally committed one ourselves, we know that they’re much more than that.

  • Put This on Your iPod: AWOLNATION’s Back From Earth

    Not only do I want to mourn the end of my last semester break of college, but to also drink away this past week with my entire family under the same roof for the first time in a year. For this last weekend of break, I highly recommend AWOLNATION's debut EP, Back From Earth.

  • The Weekly Ten: New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

    It’s a new year, and you know what that means; it’s time to start working on those New Year’s resolutions. But before you start jotting down those promises take a minute and really think about this. New Year’s resolutions almost always involve giving something up, and making sacrifices. And that negative approach makes you all the less likely to keep them.

  • Avoid Being a “Ho, Ho, Ho” This Holiday Season

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year— except for the fact that you’re at the top of Santa’s Naughty List. Coal definitely isn’t something you put on your wish list this year but we both know you’ll be getting a lot of it. Luckily it’s not too late to trick Santa into thinking you walk around with a halo on top of your head. Here are some ways to redeem yourself.

  • The Weekly Ten: This Semester Needs to End

    I love the first week back after Thanksgiving break. No scratch that, I hate it, actually. But what I do like is what that week represents. It’s the beginning of the end.

  • Friday Faves: The 6 Stages of Getting Drunk

    It wouldn't be a Friday night if you weren't incredibly inebriated and on the verge of getting a record-breaking 10th DUI. But how did you get from your desk in the library to this high-speed car chase?

  • We’ve All Been There: A Full Closet and Nothing To Wear

    It might be your roommate’s birthday, or your birthday, or just another Saturday night on campus. Either way, you are currently standing in front of your over-stuffed closet in a towel with wet hair dripping down your back. You’ve got your pre-party mix blasting from your laptop as you scan your closet for something to wear.

  • Liq-Or-Treat: Halloween Drinking Games

    We might be too old to go door-to-door and ask strangers for candy... but we're not too old to dress up as slutty versions of our favorite childhood fairy tales characters, animals, or public service workers, are we? Besides, if we're struggling to pay $49.99 for a "Sexy Bull Fighter" costume, dammit, we want to get the most bang for our buck!

  • Halloween – Do It As a Group

    Group costumes are interactive, more creative than the insert Sexy in front of anything costume, (ex: sexy nurse, sexy teacher, sexy plumber, sexy firefighter, sexy scuba diver, sexy nun?), and ideal for a quality Facebook profile pic.

  • CollegeCandy’s ‘Thanks for the Good Times, Summer’ Playlist

    After countless barbecues and Bud Light Limes (or being stuck inside at your unpaid internship all day), summer is sadly coming to an end. Waaaaah (Snooki voice). But seeing your tan fade doesn’t mean there’s no more time for fun in the sun.