• We All Need A Little Encouragement Sometimes

    Since I was a tween, I have been obsessed with inspirational quotes. Whenever I'm feeling down, I can look to a famous uplifting quote or memorable lyric to help me get by or brighten up my day.

  • The Only Pics + GIFs You’ll Need From The Grammys

    You must see Jay drinking cognac out of his award and Chris Brown being a bad sport by refusing to stand for Frank Ocean - oh, and Taylor Swift dissing Harry Styles - OK, just check out the gallery.

  • 15 Unlikely Celebrities Hanging Out With Each Other [Gallery]

    How could these people ever end up hanging out together? I think it exposes how little we know about celebrities and what their personalities are really like, what's really important to them and how much representations of them creep into our perceptions of who they are. These unexpected celebrities hanging out with each other may help enlighten us into the psyches of our idols.

  • The 15 Best Jay-Z Draw Something Portraits [Photos]

    Today is Jay-Z's 43rd birthday. To celebrate Hova's general swagger and ever-growing wisdom (I guess, I don't know him personally) we've decided to roundup the best (and worst) Draw Something portraits of our favorite and most adorable hip hop legend - next to Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross, obviously. Happy b-day, Jay!

  • The 15 Best YOLO Accessories [Gallery]

    Sick of YOLO? Of course you're not. Deep down in the depths of Etsy, crafters are creating all kinds of absurd YOLO bracelets, necklaces and accessories so you can properly jack Drake's swag.

  • Do You Remember These 20 ’90s Snacks? [Gallery]

    Mmm, the 1990s. Remember a simpler time when how cool you were was measured by how awesome your lunch was?

  • 12 Vibrators Shaped Like Something Else [Photos]

    Vibrators are fun. Flickin' the good ole bean shouldn't be a source of shame, still having your roommate or parent find your "special drawer" can be kind of embarrassing. Lucky for us the sex toy industry is ripe with discrete vibrators.

  • Instagram is Coming to the Web!

    When I read the headline today, I audibly gasped causing everyone around me to think I either a) choked on my lunch or b) read that Ryan Lochte was getting married (Good news, he isn't. And yes, I'm still on a Lochte kick. Go ahead, hate me.)

  • 25 Incredible TwitPics of Hurricane Sandy’s Devastation

    Already, millions have been without power, massive flooding has occurred, and people have lost their homes. It will take a long time to rebuild from a storm of this magnitude.

  • 15 Of The Worst Romance Novels in Existence [Photos]

    Now, they always say not to judge a book by its cover...but in this case, we couldn't help it. Here's a collection of some of the cheesiest romance novels, from the most cliche titles to awkward cover art.

  • These Couples Look More Like Twins [Photos]

    In some cultures it's actually show as the ultimate sign of commitment to dress in matching clothes with your significant other.

  • Around the World in 25 Photos

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to explore the corners of the earth just yet, but you can flip through this gallery to see some amazing locations from different parts of the world.

  • Our Favorite Secrets From PostSecret [Photos]

    Some of the secrets are silly while others are heartbreakingly sad. Here's a mixture of PostSecret's best. Would you ever share a secret as personal as these?

  • The Most Ridiculous News Headlines [Photos]

    One of the first things I do every morning is grab a copy of my campus newspaper. Sometimes the headlines read a bit like, "What?"

  • 12 Very Real, Very WTF Children’s Books [Photos]

    Kids these days are effed because the titles offered to them are seriously bizarre. Figuring no one would believe me, I went to Amazon.com this morning and looked up some of the books I found at the store, plus a few others.

  • The World’s Coolest Hotels [Photos]

    From ginormous towers to wacky designs to remodeled monuments, is there any place we can't turn into a sleeping arrangement?

  • 15 Kids That Are Definitely Cooler Than You [Photos]

    These kids are bad ass, fashionable, or all around just awesome and I want to be them. Seriously, can they give me lessons in coolness?

  • The Worst Dogs on the Internet Get Shamed [Photos]

    There's nothing better than pictures of cute dogs. But the newest viral tumblr, Dog-Shaming, takes cute dog pictures to a new level.

  • Today The Users of Twitter #Remember911 [Tuesday Twitter Trend]

    11 years ago today the greatest tragedy struck our nation. We lost 3,000 lives in terrorist attacks against the United States. Today, we will all take some time out of our day to honor the lives lost and the soldiers that continue to fight for our freedom.

  • Cats With Way Too Much Tude [Photos]

    Cats are brats. Fact. Sure, they have their moments. Sometimes they curl up next to you and purr all cute like, but they probably have a motive. I have a cat, and she's quite possibly the biggest diva in the world. She doesn't meow nicely, she wails. For everything. No doubt you've experienced your fair share of cattitude.

  • 18 Awesomely Awkard School Pictures [Photos]

    I am not photogenic. Not at all. The majority of my tagged photos on Facebook have me half-blinking one eye, slightly resembling the face people make before they sneeze.

  • 15 Reasons Why I’m Excited for Fall [Photos]

    Labor day has passed, football has started up and the leaves are hopefully going to start changing colors any day now. I've been awaiting fall's cool temperatures, over-sized sweaters, must see TV, and boots since the middle of July, and now it's almost here and I might pee from excitement.

  • The Most Hilarious Detention Slips Ever! [Photos]

    You'll either cheer yourself up with some laughs or count yourself lucky that you haven't been sent to detention for anything so ridiculous...

  • Mariah Carey’s Most Awkward Moments [Photos]

    News hit this week that Mariah Carey is teaming up with OPI to launch a nail polish collection! We can't wait for the collection to come out - I'm thinking there'll be lots of bright shades and sparkle.

  • School Supplies We Loved When We Were Little [Photos]

    I'd like to thank the 90s for fueling my love for school supply shopping. To this day, I get giddy at the thought of heading out to Target and Office Max in late August (all the pen possibilities!). But as I roam the aisles, I notice that things just aren't as jazzed up as they used to be.