• 5 Ways To Fall Back Into Your Childhood this Autumn

    Finally -- summer's over! It's time for sweaters, boots, Starbucks' signature fall drinks, and for those leaves to start falling. You could spend all fall hunched over your computer working about mid-terms, or you can get in touch with your seven year old self that took time to relish the changing leaf colors, the local pumpkin patches, and of course, the cooler weather. Here are five things that you probably enjoyed during your childhood that you can still enjoy this fall.

  • Major Halloween No Nos

    Just because Halloween happens on a weekend - allowing us to go balls to the wall without fear of vomiting in class the next day- it doesn't mean you should disregard the basic No-No's of this very religious holiday:

  • It’s Time To Get Into The Halloween Spirit!

    Getting into the Halloween spirit means more than figuring out the most creative way to look slutty and drinking the night away while dancing with a giant penis. Don’t get me wrong, do all that too, but in the final week until All Hallow’s Eve, make sure take part in other festive activities in honor of the best holiday of the YEAR.

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    Happy Halloween, CollegeCandies! We hope you started your morning off right: with a Pumpkin Sp…