• Kardashian Backlash: Daniel Craig, Jonah Hill and Barbara Walters

    I'll admit it: I'm an addict. It's a horrible habit that, after so many years, I just can't kick. It's available, it's affordable and, hey, it makes me feel good about myself. And even though it's probably damaging for me in the long run, I just can't stop. Yeah, I'm a consumer of the Kardashian culture. I watch the shows (the originals, the spin-offs and Dancing With The Stars when one is competing), I read the interviews, I follow the obnoxious tweets...

  • Reality Stars We Hate to Admit We Love

    There are some reality stars that I am a little ashamed to admit that I love. I'm not talking about Spencer and Heidi or Omarosa; I actually do hate them. These are stars that I really love, but would probably lie about any day of the week (except the days I'm given a lie detector test).

  • Candy Dish: Is This Real Life?

    •What reality show would you go on? •There's going to be another Austin Powers Movie •Still not really sure what Reese's tattoo is •The Hogan family always manages to top themselves in creepy •We're really too excited for Missoni for Target •How to dip dye your hair •Guess which city has the most romantic men

  • Jenelle Evans Heads to Rehab, We Reevaluate MTV

    And the latest in completely expected and not at all shocking news? Teen Mom 's Jenelle Evans headed to rehab this week (read all about it here) to get away from all the stress of her life and learn how to cope.

  • The Five Questions We Ask Everyone: Shallon Lester

    Although Downtown Girls chronicles a group of friends, Shallon Lester steals the show with her outspoken and funny personality. With a larger-than-life persona that makes Shallon seem like everyone's best friend, her energy is contagious. Who wouldn’t want to be her friend?

  • The CC Weekly Weigh In: We Want More Reality TV!

    We all know Reality TV is less than quality. And yeah, Rock of Love (especially that bus!) and For The Love Of Ray J are ruining the world, but it's hard not to love those celebrity-based reality TV shows. Whether it's seeing how those people live or getting to know them in a different way, there's just something about those shows that keeps me, and America, coming back for more.

  • Battle of the D-Bags: Spencer Pratt vs. “The Situation” [POLL]

    It looks like those New Jersey Italians aren't the only ones with prosciutto beef about MTV's latest trainwreck, Jersey Shore. Another MTV "star" has his boxers in a bunch about the newest reality series to sweep America off its feet. Yes, everyone's favorite ass-hat, Spencer Pratt, isn't so happy with all the attention those overly tanned guidos have been getting.

  • The CC Weekly Weigh In: Bring On The Reality (TV)!

    Last week, as I fired up the DVR to catch up on all the shows I'd missed from the week, I had a rather enlightening moment. Sorta like an Oprah "aha!" moment, only way more embarrassing. My entire DVR was taken up by reality shows. Top Chef, Project Runway, The Real Housewives, Ace of Cakes... Hell, I even had a little Real World/Road Rules Duel on there.

  • I Want My Fall TV Lineup, Dammit!

    While flipping through the channels last night during primetime, I discovered the real reason why our favorite shows go off the air during the summer: to make way for the sh*tshow that is summer television, which leaves us begging for The Office and House come September.

  • The Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Reality (TV) Of Summer

    Reality shows: you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Personally, I never liked “reality” television, and this summer’s lineup of shows gives me even more of a reason to stay away. The networks really seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel with some of this stuff. Here’s just a handful of the trainwreck reality shows that will be gracing our TVs this season:

  • Candy Dish: Southwest Launches Major Sale

    • Taking a trip? Take it on Southwest! • So that's why John Mayer didn't sing at the MJ memorial. • The theme of all reality shows. • Don't talk to Katie Holmes about religion! • This is definitely how I'd want to die. • Woman marries a total dog. Literally.

  • Candy Dish: Time for an iPhone

    • Another new iPhone is coming! • Mel Gibson not convinced he's the father. • The best kids shows of the 90's. • 10 really bad reality TV shows. • The hottest guys of fashion. • Bret Michaels...at the Tony Awards?!

  • The Real World Sydney: Bitches Ain’t Sh!t

    Last night marked the 19th season debut of that reality show that begat all other reality shows,…

  • Candy Dish: 8 Sex Positions Women Love

    • No, the flesh pretzel didn’t make the list, but here are 8 positions that promise to plea…