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Feb 8, 2012

Celebrities With Their Adorable Dogs [Photos]

I am a total dog lover. I know I'm about to make a lot of cat owners angry, but I think that dogs make the best pets. (I'm also allergic to cats, so maybe I'm unfairly biased.) Dogs are sweet, fun and loyal. To your dog, you're the center of the universe, which means they're the best friends you could possibly ask for. And celebrities agree!

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Jan 16, 2012

Candy Dish: Princess (Role) Model

•Which Disney princess makes the best role model? •The best and worst of the Golden Globes •This is the best Hunger Games spoof you'll watch •Ryan Gosling is too cool for the Golden Globes •Are we shallower than we admit in dating? •How wear a collarless coat

Jan 11, 2012

My Ultimate Golden Globes Dream Table

The Globes, more or less, are the ultimate place for star-gazing and drooling. Additionally, it's one of those crazy award events that does table seating, not typical auditorium rows, putting all our fave celebs together to wine and dine.

Dec 29, 2011

Candy Dish: Keeping Up with the Nanny

•A Former Kardashian nanny tells all! •Ring in the new with the old •Celebs rocking the spirithoods •Which celeb would you want to kiss on NYE? •What we'll miss from TV in 2012 •Is the sexiest man alive dating someone?

Dec 23, 2011

Candy Dish: Friends Forever

•TV characters we want as our bffles •Aww: Pink saves a puppy! •Stay stress free this holiday season •2011 was the year of the Gosling •Our favorite Chanukah celebrating TV characters •Not everyone loves St. Nick

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Dec 21, 2011

Hey Girl, Happy Hannukah

Just when you think Ryan Gosling can't get any more amazing, he goes and gets himself a new meme. And not just any meme, it's a Hannukah themed meme. It's like the dreidel keeps falling on gimmel and my heart is collecting all the gelt.

Drunk Holiday History With Ryan Gosling

Just in time for Christmas, F or D released a new Drunk History video, featuring none other than Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, and Jim Carrey acting out the Night Before Christmas. Hold on to your bed caps, kids, and prepare to experience this classic Christmas poem as you never have before.

Dec 20, 2011

Golden Globe Nominees Announced!

The Golden Globe nominees were announced today, and it's all pretty much as expected. Total fugly faces Ryan Gosling and George Clooney received the most nominations, while Girl With The Dragon Tattoo finally got a little respect after being snubbed at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards. Be sure to check out the full list of nominees before you settle in and watch the Globes on January 11th, as there are a few surprises.

Dec 15, 2011

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Dec 12, 2011

Our New Year’s Resolutions For Our Favorite Celebs

Now, we all know how hard it is to actually stick with a resolution past, like, January 2nd, but I feel that celebrities have a better chance of sticking to their guns with the help of personal assistants, trainers, chefs, life coaches, etc. With this notion, I can't help but wonder what Lindsay Lohan and J.Lo are planning to change or work on in 2012. (Maybe going away? That'd be nice.)

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Nov 18, 2011

Candy Dish: It’s Over

•Demi says adieu to Ashton •The different men in J. Lo's life •Awww....the Olsens discover planking •Despite losing, Ryan Gosling did learn from the best •Why do men cheat down? •The Fanning sisters take over W Magazine

Nov 16, 2011

Turtleneck or Crew Neck: The Celebrity Circumcision Game

What would you do if your ultimate celeb crush came along, totally DTF, and he was sporting more than you bargained for? Would you tell him to move along? Or would you gamely explore foreign territory? While we can't coach you through the make-it or break-it moment, we can give you the dirt on who has an elephant trunk in their pants...and who doesn't.

Nov 15, 2011

Roles Celebs Are Destined To Play

Have you even seen someone and thought, "OMG so-and-so should totally play them in a movie"? Well we have too...ALL THE TIME. There are some roles so destined for certain celebrities that it's a wonder they haven't struck a multi-million dollar deal with Warner Brothers yet.

Nov 14, 2011

10 Celebrities We Want to Take on a Date

If you're like me and you thought you couldn't love Justin Timberlake anymore, brace yourselves. Over the weekend this cutie kept his promise and attended the Marine Corps Ball in Richmond, Va. with Cpl. Kelsey De Santis. Is Britney Spears kicking herself or what?

Nov 14, 2011

The Weekly Ten: My Christmas List

I am fully aware that Christmas isn't for another 4,394,668 seconds, but since every other store in the world is getting ready I figured I should start to compile my wish list. You know, in case anyone wants to buy me something other than socks. Grandma, I'm looking at you!

Nov 8, 2011

Candy Dish: Good for the Eyes

•Ryan Gosling is Quiet Ryan •Has Lilo finally gotten the message??? •The disturbing way Adriana Lima stays slim •The cattiest Housewives are back! •How did you learn how to cook? •Biggest misconceptions about natural hair

Nov 5, 2011

Ryan Gosling And Sandra Bullock Are Having Some Fun Fun Fun in Austin? [PHOTOS]

It seems ex-flames Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock are having some fun fun fun again in Austin this weekend.  The couple was spotted making the rounds in Sandy's home town at the annual Fun Fun Fun Fest on Auditorium Shores.  There's no doubt the two make a cute couple, but we gotta say, seriously Ryan?!? You could do better.

Oct 26, 2011

A Love Letter to Ryan Gosling

I didn't know it was possible to be more in love with you, but after learning that you spend your free time doing ballet, my heart yearned for you more. You're totally swoon-worthy in all ways. I'm sure I'm not the only girl vying for your love, affection and abs, so I'm writing you this letter so you know that I love you the most.

Oct 26, 2011

Candy Dish: Such a Feminist

•Ryan Gosling is very in touch with his feminine side •Inspirations to get you ready for Halloween •Wow I'd hate to be Kelly Ripa's kids after this •Your guide for getting the best meal sizes •Some very awesome and creative Halloween cupcakes •Evan Rachel Wood is a very lucky lady

Oct 24, 2011

Candy Dish: Is He Worth a Second Date?

•To second date or not, that is the question •Halloween inspiration from your favorite TV shows •13 haunted US locations to you may (or may not) want to check out •Is it just us, or do bathrooms have the best graffiti •Celebs that don't need Halloween costumes •Courtney Stodden was too slutty for Facebook, now it's pumpkin patches

Oct 17, 2011

Candy Dish: Big and Husky

Joe Manganiello is Big Dick Rickie in 'Magic Mike' for a reason •Ryan Gosling's best on and off screen kisses •Apparently there are tons of single guys at Occupy Wall Street •Do you still support Planned Parenthood, knowing that the founder was an a-hole

Oct 17, 2011

Candy Dish: The Kids Are Even Better

•Who should be in 'The Kids are Alright' TV show? •Celebs do the slutty costume thing too •We need to see this movie, just for the eye candy alone •How Ryan Gosling went from creepy to leading man •13 places to hide your sex toys •The greatest female movie villains •Haven't you always wanted to see a live birth?!

Oct 1, 2011

Fall Movies We Actually Want to See

Since we all know going to the movies is an integral part of any proper hungover Sunday, I felt the need to find a couple hidden gems in here. And you better be thankful for my sleuthing skills, because sitting through a shark eating Carrie Bradshaw while she's having an orgy (wait, did I just combine a few movies there?) would only intensify that Natty headache all the more.

Sep 30, 2011

Candy Dish: Let’s Get Physical

•How to make self-loving even better •I'm sorry...did you say Yogasm?! •This would never happen with our interns •Could Ryan Gosling get any sexier? •Flynn Bloom is totally going to be the cutest Hollywood tot90s Teen movies we will never tire of •We're lusting over the 60s fashion on 'Pan Am'

Sep 29, 2011

Roomies for Life: 10 Celebs I’d Dorm With

If I had the chance to choose who my freshman year roomie would have been, you know who I would have picked? Celebrities. Big time celebs. Not the Indie films stars (even though I still find them incredibly talented and way more interesting than me). I’m talkin’ Hollywood A-list, top-of-the-line, million-dollar-making, still warm from their last vacation, celebrities!

Sep 28, 2011

Candy Dish: Channel Your Inner Animal

•Best way to wear leopard print shoes •3 romantic mistakes women make •You're hitting on me when I look like this?? •Remember how cute Jonathan Taylor Thomas used to be? •Can you imagine getting a phone call from Stewie Griffin? •What happens to the toddlers on 'Toddlers & Tiaras' when they get older? •Who's the hotter 'Ides of March' star?

Sep 28, 2011

Candy Dish: Captain America Goes Dark

•We cannot get enough of Chris EvansRyan Gosling is proud of his fellow Canadian the Biebs •Pairing a jumpsuit with ankle boots •It's Hobbit vs. Hobbit, the drunk version •So much celeb spawn greatness •Not everyone can pull off the bald look, but these guys can •What does a post-sex e-mail mean?

Sep 21, 2011

Candy Dish: Rolling in the Deep Pt. 2?

•Adele is reconnecting with the guy who inspired '21': good or bad idea? •The secret to successful online dating •Starbucks partners with Alexander Wang? •The dark side of 'The Avengers' castCelebrity romance upgrades and downgradesMaggie Gyllenhaal is a generous friend •Chord Overstreet is one Hot Teacher

Sep 20, 2011

Candy Dish: Move Over Mary Kate and Ashley

•Elizabeth is about to be my new favorite Olsen •We can't get enough pictures of Ryan Gosling carrying his dog •Why you should be asking him out •Ever pictured Blair hooking up with Dr. House? Now you can •We kind of love Sarah Hyland from 'Modern Family' and her outspokenness •TOMS shoes get the college treatment •How did Target screw up with Missoni sooo badly?

Sep 16, 2011

Candy Dish: Be My Baby Daddy

Ryan Gosling wants babies....I'll help him out •The lazy girls guide for tweaking your sex life •For you gleekers out there: a preview of the songs from the premiere •Naturally, when I break into a celebrity's home, all I want is a fudgesicle •12 celebrities with naughty naughty piercings •Fashion inspiration from 'Up' •Brad, we love you...but you could be nicer about your marriage to Jen Aniston

Aug 23, 2011

Candy Dish: Jizz in My Pants

•Is shejaculation real? •Ryan Gosling, please marry me •Why Megan Fox is getting rid of her Marilyn tat •Om nom Nutella empanadas •The biggest celebrity height differences •The (creepy) Burger King has been dethroned •The movie mashup that will keep you silent

Aug 11, 2011

Things That Will Make Your Ovaries Ache

Despite not wanting kids anytime soon there are certain things that make my uterus explode, like Ryan Gosling feeding a baby. Even when there's a screaming child next to me on the subway, some pictures make me drown out the sound and yearn for kids of my own. Now that your insurance provider has to cover your birth control, here's a collection of cute that will make your ovaries ache.

Aug 11, 2011

Candy Dish: Hey Girl, I Want Candy

•Ryan Gosling loves buying candy, whenever and wherever •Shocker of the day: less sexism = more sex •Start your morning right with some hot surfers •'Three Stooges' Jersey Shore Guidette style? •Hollywood is uneasy about sex scenes but loves potty humor •Why films are better than movies •Tim Gunn's 10 must have items

Jul 28, 2011

Candy Dish: Quiet Lovers

•Hollywood's most secretive celebrity couples •Two of Hollywood's hottest men are coming together...for a movie •Why you should embrace being single this summer •The other Lohans that want to be famous like Lindsay •Nifty and creative ways to store your jewelry •Why plants are even better than boyfriendsOk Go's new music video is even weirder than the treadmills one