• Sexy Time: 5 Sex Facts That Will Scare the Ish Out of You

    Two days ago, I went to my university’s health center. Now, usually I completely disregard any information I get at the health center on the grounds of either A) I have heard that every year since I first took sex ed in 7th grade, or B) Those 'doctors' are full of ish. But this time, by the luck of the draw, I happened to get a check-up from someone that (gasp!) actually knew what they were talking about.

  • Sexy Time: The (Literal) Cost of Sex

    With the latest events surrounding Planned Parenthood, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much it costs to be responsibly sexually active. Birth control, condoms, PAP smears, STI tests, and Plan B — it adds up fast!

  • 7 Things You Need to Know About Your Pill

    In this day and age, it seems like every one of my friends is on the birth control pill. However, unlike most girls, most of my friends went on the pill to have sex at the end of high school, and simply stayed on it to enter college. And while most people know the basics of birth control, few people ever bother to read the fine print.

  • I Have Sex (and So Do A Lot of Young Americans)

    There's something in the government water because lately it feels like all they want to do is control our uterus's (Uteri?). Like back off politicians, I know how this organ works, and until you get your period in the middle of 10th grade math class while wearing khakis, don't tell me what to do with my body. And I'm not the only one who feels this way. A bunch of awesome college students made this awesome video.

  • True Story: I Have HPV

    I met him my first night of college. Although not the fairytale every girl imagines, we hit it off in the basement of a fraternity house. It was a passionate, whirlwind love affair that lasted about a month. Long story short, we don’t speak any more. I took it as a learning experience about relationships and the healing process was not easy.

  • Sexy Time: Talking Sex with Sue

    As a lady whose had a curiosity about sex education since childhood, I think it’s safe to say that I lost my sh*t when I found out that sex expert Sue Johanson, of Talk Sex with Sue fame, was stopping at my school as part of her speaking tour.

  • He Said/She Said: Does Your “Number” Matter?

    There are a lot of important numbers in college girls’ life - phone numbers, number of times you been Facebook-tagged in an outfit, number of times you’ve considered dropping out of college, the number of calories in your next late-night study sesh meal. But there’s one number in particular that’s bound to stir up a commotion, whether it’s zero or in the double digits: The number of people you’ve had sex with.

  • Sexy Time: Enthusiastic Consent

    Between my new-found love for feminism, my interest in volunteering at a local rape crisis center, and the incredibly offensive non-consent debacle on Jezebel, the idea and principle of consent has been in my head a lot lately. It turns out it’s not quite as easy as that “no means no” sheet they hand out in health class – there’s more to giving consent than just not saying no.

  • World AIDS Day: You Can Make A Difference

    Today, December 1, is World AIDS Day - a day to take action towards informing yourself about how to protect yourself and others from HIV while reducing the prejudice of those infected. AIDS may seem like a problem only in the developing world, but it's not. Over 1.1 million people in the USA have HIV. There remains a stigma around AIDS that can reduced the more we talk about it.

  • Tuffy Luv Tawks Emergency Contraception

    Dear Tuffy Luv, Me and my partner had sex with a condom and by mistake condom broke and I didn't realize. So later I bought Yasmine contraceptive pills, which contains 21 pills, and my partner took it. Are there any chances of getting pregnant?

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Approach Me!

    Thanks to this whole 5-day dating challenge, I’ve had a pretty tiring week....and my still cheeks hurt from smiling all the time. But no pain no gain, right? And by "gain" I mean "guys approaching me and offering to buy me drinks."

  • STDs: Dont Ask, Don’t Tell?

    Sarah woke up one Sunday with an aching pain in her throat. The night before, she had felt a bit sick after a week of intense studying and paper-writing. But, deciding her sanity was more important than her health, she threw back a few shots of Jose and hit the town with her girlfriends.

  • Sexy Time: Maybe They’re Onto Something?

    I realize that most of us don’t live at home anymore; that most of us are no longer in high school or living with parents. But I stumbled upon this study recently and can’t stop thinking about it. In a nutshell, Dutch parents support their teenagers’ sexuality and it results in lower STI and lower teen pregnancy rates.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Is It Over Yet?!

    Did this week go insanely slow or was it just us? Maybe it was the lack of excitement at the VMAS or maybe it was the lack of any celebrity scandals (like, LiLo pull it together and do something crazy. We misss youuu).

  • Do You Know The Dangers of Gardasil?

    I remember when the Gardasil phenomenon first started. Commercials for the vaccine were played on MTV approximately every three seconds, and within weeks, everyone I knew was rushing to the gynecologist for their three doses. And why wouldn't they?

  • If You’re Having Sex, Do It Safely

    Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, college campuses everywhere will be packed with new people to party with, new people to study with, and yes, new people to have sex with.

  • Sexy Time: The First Time

    I still remember the date I had sex for the first time. It was July 16th, and I was 16 years old. It’s odd that I remember the date, I realize, especially because it wasn’t any kind of mind-blowing experience. Looking back now, 16 seems really young – but it worked for me because I was ready.

  • Sexy Time: No, Thanks.

    Sometimes, against our better judgment, we put ourselves in situations that we would rather not be in. Whether it’s too much flirting or too much tequila, sometimes we send mixed signals. One thing leads to another, hands are creeping towards places we don’t want them to go and we realize it’s time to put the breaks on. We need to say no.

  • Tuffy Luv Talks Birth Control

    Dear Tuffy Luv, My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost five months, and until recently, it has been amazing. About a month and a half ago I began taking the pill - Loestrin 24 Fe - out of necessity. The condom broke a few times and I had to take Plan B. At first I was pleased with it. There's only one side effect. But it's a BIG one.

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of College According to TFLN Creator, Ben Bator

    Ben Bator learned how to college at Michigan State University and even went to class enough to earn a degree in Advertising. Since then, he has read millions of examples of what to do (and not to do) in college through his website, Texts From Last Night, which he started in 2009 with his friend Lauren Leto.

  • 8 Things You Need To Know Now That You’re On Your Own

    Many of you will be stepping onto campus this upcoming fall, finally free of your parents. It’s your first year of college, and you just can’t wait to be free and come home late....or not at all make your own decisions. What you don’t realize, however, is how much those parental units have done for you while you were living at home. And trust me - this is something you'll realize fast.

  • Duke It Out: Free Birth Control?

    Birth control is one of many things on a list up for consideration to be included as required free preventative care on overhauled healthcare plans. If BC makes the cut, it could eliminate the extra costs to prevent pregnancy for women all over the country - but should it be included?

  • Talkin’ Babies With Maci from MTV’s Teen Mom

    The new season of Teen Mom premiers tonight at 10 PM on MTV and this CollegeCandy intern couldn't be more excited. Not only do we get to find out if Amber's havin' another baby, but I had the chance to chat with everyone's favorite mama, Maci. She filled me in on how her life has changed since she moved from Chattanooga, Bentley started talking up a storm, and even gave the CollegeCandy readers some invaluable dating advice.

  • Tuffy Luv Has Conniptions

    Question for La Tuff? Email her at TuffyLuv@collegecandy.com for a chance to be featured in thi…

  • Wrap It Up for The Gulf Coast

    The good news is that the BP oil leak has been plugged. The bad news is that with all the heartbreak and strife that it caused, only $4 million was raised to help support clean-up efforts.