• SNICK – Where Are They Now?

    SNICK – Where Are They Now?

    Before Saturday nights were all about saying up late and quizzing each other with exam flashcards and making a lot of bad choices, they were about tricking your babysitter into breaking your bedtime rules so you could watch SNICK. Because it wasn't a quality weekend if you didn't scare yourself into never sleeping after watching Are You Afraid of the Dark?

  • Candy Dish: When Palin and Couric Collide….

    Candy Dish: When Palin and Couric Collide….

    Watch the Couric/Palin interview here. One word: Oy. Suri Cruise has no friends. Parents just don’t understand…. Drew Barrymore eats Ed Westwick’s face. McCain...

  • Harness Your Inner ‘Sam’

    Harness Your Inner ‘Sam’

    So 2007 was ruled by your sex-crazed alter-ego. Somehow she coerced you to collect most of those notches on your bed post. Maybe it was...

  • Rock of Love Recap

    Rock of Love Recap

    I feel like there is going to be a hole in my Sunday nights where Rock of Love used to be. The reunion special that...