• An Open Letter to Sex & The City

    We city dwellers and big-city hopefuls would greatly appreciate it if you didn't create another Sex & The City movie. Ever heard the term "three's a crowd?" Yeah, well, however cliché it may sound, it's incredibly appropriate for your dreams of a potentially disastrous third movie. So, since we've been hearing rumors that it's a possibility, we thought it was a good time to sit down and talk.

  • Candy Dish: Miley Skanks It Up For SATC

    • Miley vs. Samantha Jones? Oy. • Justin Timberlake and Kings of Leon mashup? Awesome. • Lamar Odom signs his life away to Khloe. Finally. • Halloween display...or dead man? • The 10 worst crafts on Etsy.com. • Victoria Beckham is totes over food.

  • Why You Should…Shave Your Head

    Every girl has a love/hate relationship with her hair. If her hair is straight, she wishes it were curly. If her hair is curly, she wishes it were straight. Frizz is constantly on the attack and there are never enough bobby pins. Yet, our hair can either make or break a look, so we spend hours planning, executing, and perfecting our style.

  • Harness Your Inner ‘Sam’

    So 2007 was ruled by your sex-crazed alter-ego. Somehow she coerced you to collect most of those…