• Fashion Porn: Bag That Thang Up

    Now that you've started to get into the groove of things with school, you've probably figured out what are the essentials for each of your classes. You'll know which classes require your laptop to, which require textbooks, and which demand a plethora of snacks to keep you awake your blood-sugar from crashing.

  • The Two-Faced Bottomless Purse

    If there is anything in this world I can rely on to be there for me (besides Dove Dark Chocolate) it is my big, bottomless, purse. Chapstick? Got it. $2.41 in all dimes and pennies? Got it. Four flattened Milk Duds? Got it. The Vegas Map and some Floss Picks? You've guessed it, I've got it.

  • Fashion Porn: School Bag Orgy

    In my mind, the second best part of going back to school as a kid was buying new school supplies (second, only to buying new clothes). While you might have swapped your Lisa Frank bright-colored-animal-covered notebooks for a laptop, it doesn't mean that you can't still have fun with your school stuff.

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