• Celebrity Endorsements That Would Actually Make Sense

    We've all seen the advertisements littered with celebrities' faces all over our favorite magazines and all up in our face during our favorite TV shows. Makes sense; Hollywood A-Listers gotta get paid, right? I mean, those massive mansions and Botox sessions don't pay for themselves.

  • 44 Celebrity Bikini Fails

    Nothing can turn a confident girl into a insecure mess faster than bathing suit season. Suddenly every mirror you look into turns into a fun house mirror of horrors. When did your stomach get so flabby and when did your skin turn translucent?

  • Halloween Costumes On The Cheap

    In these hard economic times, I simply cannot justify buying a $115 mermaid costume, no matter how magical I would look come Halloween night. Especially when I have a plethora of items lying around my house, that when properly utilized can be the ultimate Halloween costume. Here are some cheap and easy homemade costumes that will come in handy during my time of monetary despair.

  • Candy Dish: Megan Fox-y Cat Woman?

    • If this girl can do anything, it's rock a pleather cat suit. • Serena and Venus are taking on...football? • Don't update your facebook status if you are doing one of these, please. • What color would you turn to avoid sex? • Surprise, surprise. LiLo has a sex tape... • What would your boobs tweet?

  • Candy Dish: Joey Chestnut Eats 59 Hot Dogs. We Barf.

      The mustard belt will remain on U.S. soil for another year. Amy Winehouse seems to be mast…

  • Candy Dish: Britney Back In Love

    Looks like Ms. Spears has taken her pap bf (with the narly chin hair) back. It’s so cute! Th…