• Should I Apologize For Not Being A Sex Goddess? I’m Thinking No. [Sexy Time]

    The other day, I found myself giving my boyfriend an apology because I didn't want to have sex the night before. When he accepted it, I was slightly annoyed.

  • When Is She Turned On The Most?

    According to the stereotype, men love sex more than women do. But we girls know that isn't always true.

  • How to Reduce an Overactive Sex Drive–Seriously!

    Does your boyfriend constantly bug you for sex? Or is your partner fed up of having to deal with your overactive sex drive?

  • Candy Dish: It’s A Small World After All

    •How to look chic at theme parks •Who's in Dumbledore's army •Is your sex drive hurting your relationship? •Rupert Grint kisses and tells •Amazing cat gifs •Does it pay to go tan? •How to dress down your work wear

  • Sex in the News: What Turns Women On?

    Ogi Ogas and Sam Gaddam have been analyzing billions of web searches and found that women are more likely to seek out character-driven stories rather than explicitly visual scenes of sexual activity. Unlike men who need nothing more than a short porn clip (or a hot girl modeling a bra in a Victoria's Secret catalog) to get aroused, women require more of a story - and an emotional connection - to be stimulated.

  • Sexy Time: Are you Sexually Incompatible or Is It Just a Rut?

    The thing with sex is that you can’t always tell when it’s just a rut or when you’re sexually incompatible. I mean, at first glance they both look similar — lack of sex, frustration, etc. — but there are a few differences.

  • Sexy Time: Don’t Feel Like Doin’ It?

    There are few things more frustrating than wanting to have sex and not being able to. While this sometimes can be self-inflicted (still not getting any, btw), this week we’re going to talk about low libido and the reasons that sometimes women just can’t get in the mood – no matter how hard they or their partners try.

  • Mission Impossible: Successful Career and Thriving Family

    Looks like women 27 and older are deemed “low fertility” by docs. The professionals also link this sudden decline to why late-twenty-somethings have an increased sex drive, frequent risqué dreams, and a higher willingness to partake in casual sex. Geez, and here I thought it was because of post-work Happy Hour.

  • The Doctor Is In: I’m Never In The Mood

    Q: So, I’ve had a boyfriend for over 6 months now. I really love him and find him sexy, but for some reason I have zero sex drive right now. I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, but I think he’s getting a little mad that I never want to do anything. I will sometimes hook up with him because I feel that I should want to and that maybe I’ll get more in the mood, but it’s never good.

  • Body Blog: Foods That Cure…

    Around 3:00 PM everyday I hit an energy low. I get restless, tired, and cranky. Naturally I'll grab a latte to perk me up. But the caffeine fix really only lasts a few hours before I'm back where I started ... falling asleep in an inappropriate place. Like my desk. In the middle of a class. That only has 6 people in it.

  • Healthy Living = Sexy Living?

    Maintaining a healthy diet and working out obviously has beneficial effects for our body and well-being. But need another reason to trade in the fries for some fruits and vegetables? Need extra motivation to get yourself to the gym? Well, here you go: These things may also have an effect on our sex life.

  • “Why Don’t You Ever Just Want To Cuddle?!”

    So we've debated whether or not we would date someone who weighed less than us (twice), but what about dating a guy with a lower sex drive?

  • Adderall: Not Just for ADD Anymore

    [Disclaimer: The information presented in this post is the opinion of the author and CC does not…

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