• Candy Dish: Eek Will

    • OMG! So embarrassed for Mr. Schue! • When sex hurts... • 5 easy ways to start losing weight today • If you're looking for a cute spring bag, look no further! • A guide dog for a blind guide dog (yeah it's heartwarming) • A typical college weekend: expectation vs. reality • 25 absolutely ridic toilets

  • The Doctor Is In: Sexual Soreness

    I just recently started having sex with my boyfriend. It always feels fine (great, actually) when we’re in the act, but everything just feels...weird the next day. It sorta hurts when I go to the bathroom (mostly when I’m...er...cleaning up), when I sit, and the muscles in my inner thighs hurt. And I’m just so sore down there that I need a couple days before I can even do it again.

  • Sexy Time: Size Doesn’t Matter… Anymore

    Much to the dismay of my male readers, I have to admit that size does in fact matter to us ladies. Sure, it isn't the only component of good sex, but it definitely contributes. After all, the motion of the ocean doesn't matter much if you can't feel the waves!

  • Sexy Time: When Sex Hurts

    Sex is great (OK, great is an understatement, but let's move on), but what do you do when it’s not? Pain during sex is surprisingly common and can happen for a number of reasons. This week, I’m going to break a few down of the most common causes so that you can get back to screaming from pleasure, not pain.

  • The Doctor Is In: I’m Afraid Of Sex

    Q: I don’t really know how to ask this so I’ll just get right to it. I’m still a virgin and I’m the only one left in my group. All my girl friends lost their virginity this year and have been telling me how much it hurt. Now I’m scared! Is it really that bad? And is there anything I can do to....prepare? Or should I just buy some cats now and grow old as a single, virgin spinster?

  • The Doctor Is In: Do I Have an STD?

    Q: I have had lower abdominal pain, sexual intercourse burns or hurts at times, it burns like hell when I urinate after sex and at night I get shooting pains across my lower abdomen and almost feels like I'm passing a kidney stone.