• I Don’t Like Porn. There, I Said It. [CC Faves]

    Now, look, every once in a while one comes across an image or something late night on HBO that she doesn’t mind staring at and using later, but actively seeking pictures or movies has never been something I’ve put my time into.

  • Lesson #14: Something About Best Laid Plans [Bold Girls' Bible]

    You know there's something about the best laid plans. They tend to go awry.

  • 7 Things I Wish I Could Have Told My High School Self About Sex

    There are so many things I wish someone would have told me about sex in high school. Some things that sex education couldn't have taught me, like self-esteem and understanding guys, and some things that school really should have covered.

  • Lesson #12: Carrie Bradshaw is The Worst [Bold Girls' Bible]

    It's really hard to write a dating blog when no one really wants to date you.

  • The 4 Best Positions for Successfully Having Sex in a Single Bed

    You don’t feel free to act out on your inner sexy porn star when you’re almost always an inch away from falling off your bed, and your next door neighbor can hear every last sound.

  • Does Your “Number” REALLY Matter?

    Sex is a part of life. Some just wave their freak flag higher than others.

  • Will a Guy Date You If You Won’t Have Sex with Him?

    Let’s talk about sex. Ever the popular topic, after all. Specifically, lets talk about the importance of sex when it comes to dating, or rather, not having it.

  • Lesson #11: On Reacher/Settler Relationships [Bold Girls' Bible]

    You know what I'm talking about - where you see a couple so obviously mismatched that you're left wondering how they even got together in the first place.

  • Lesson #10: Never Date The “Nice” Guy [Bold Girls' Bible]

    Being "nice" is great, but you shouldn't get some freaking award for something that 90 percent of the population already does. You need to stand out.

  • Lesson #9: Friends Don’t Let Friends Hookup With Friends [Bold Girls' Bible]

    Since the days of When Harry Met Sally, men and women have been asking, "Can men and women really be just friends?" Well, yes. But in recent years there's a new development. The "Friends With Benefits" relationship.

  • Lesson #8: Why Your “Number” Doesn’t Matter [Bold Girls' Bible]

    Society makes a huge deal about women being chaste and pure. Except that if a girl is seemingly too innocent, she's written off as well. I don't know about you guys, but I think that's kind of bullshit.

  • Lesson #6: Bold Girls Know What They Want [Bold Girls' Bible]

    In early relationships, before I was the Bold Girl I am today, I would hide my feelings, no matter the cost. I would let things build and build until I was banging my arms against the dashboard of my car screaming, "I'M FINE, GOD! WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE ME."

  • Lesson #5: Romantic Comedies Don’t Teach Nothin’ ‘Bout Love [Bold Girls' Bible]

    In one of my most recent romantic situations, I was constantly convinced it would turn out like a romantic movie. Like, "Oh you don't like me now. That's cool. We're meant to be." I actually had full-blown day dreams where we would both end up in New York at some hip bar.

  • Valentine’s Day Lingerie to Give Yourself

    Lingerie is one of the reasons we love being women because beautiful, lacy underthings will make you feel sexy even under a pair of sweatpants at the gym. We believe quality innerwear is just as important as what you wear on the outside, so we rounded up some of our favorite pieces for you to shop.

  • Lesson #4: Long Distance Relationsh*t [Bold Girls' Bible]

    When I graduated high school in 2009, I had planned to go to the University of Iowa, a school that was around 4 hours away from my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. It was never my intention to meet a boy I wanted to date right before leaving for college, but as it turns out that's exactly what happened.

  • How to Pack a Clutch for an Impromptu Sleepover

    We've all been there before - the night is coming to an end, and you realize you're not going home. It doesn't matter if the sleepover is happening at a lover's or a friend's pad, it's happening, and you are nowhere near being prepared.

  • Lesson #3: New Year, New You…New Guy? [Bold Girls' Bible]

    Everyone knows the typical female mantra for January, "new year, new me!" Girls hashtag it for the first few weeks, when they're actually hitting the gym and trying to stick to their New Year's resolutions, but I want to talk about a different kind of mantra. New year, new guy.

  • 11 Dos and Don’ts for Sick Sex…As In Having Sex While You’re Unwell

    Just because you're under the weather, sexy times don't need to come to a screeching halt. No, I'm not trying to convince you that dirty tissues are the latest aphrodisiac. Rather, there are ways you can still get yours despite feeling like Gwyneth Paltrow in Contagion.

  • Lesson #2: Know When to Walk Away, and Know When to Run [Bold Girls' Bible]

    I want everyone reading this to understand that the only way off of that hook is yourself. You are the only one standing in the way of your happiness.

  • Lesson #1: A Bad Date Does Not A Life Ruin [Bold Girls' Bible]

    Hopefully my experiences can provide some sort of framework for your greater and lesser moments chasing love (or something like it).

  • How To Deal When a Guy Is Having Issues In the Bedroom [Sexy Time]

    Guys are generally expected to always be willing and able to have sex, and it can be a blow to the self-esteem to be rejected for any reason. However, you shouldn't take that out on the guy.

  • Trojan Has the Crazy Stats on All The Holiday Party Hookin’ Up People Do

    While you're looking all wintertime fine at a holiday party, the chemistry between you and your colleagues or friends may be inescapable.

  • Science Has Defined ‘Booty Call’ And ‘One-Night Stand’ Because There Is A Big DIFF

    Like absolutely none of us have pondered, what actually is the difference between a "booty call" and a "one-night stand" besides the fact that you probably know the trifling mofo who is calling you at 3:00 AM for some trim?

  • Why Are Ladies More Into Same-Sex Experimenting Than Dudes Are? [Sexy Time]

    In real life, I'm more ambivalent about inviting someone else into the bedroom, but in hypersexualized fantasy life, I'm all about having a threesome with another girl.

  • Women Regret Having Sex Often, Studies Say

    Women often regret having sex with the wrong partner, while men often regret not having more sex…