• He Said/She Said: What to Listen to When You’re Getting It On

    Oooh, sex and music. So much to say! In my own fervent opinion, sex and music go together like chips and dip, Ernie and Bert, or trashy TV and ice cream. Ideally, while you're having sex your mind should be far, far away. Too far away for you to be conscious of the fact that the bed is creaking, bodies are slapping together and for some reason there's a weird squelching sound (don't lie - I know you know what I mean).

  • Candy Dish: Rock Your Body

    •What do you put on a sex playlist? •K-Stew vs. Lily Collins: who will make a better Snow White? •What do you think about the superhero films so far? •Is your sex drive hurting your love life? •The hottest guy at Comic Con •The Jersey Shore goes back to Seaside •This commercial is kind of extraordinary

  • Sexy Time: Sexy Music

    But then we figured out the perfect way to drown our sexy noises while keeping my room at a comfortable 20 or so degrees – music. Sure, it’s not silence, and it still traveled through the walls, but I guarantee my mother appreciated the sound of slow bass late at night a lot more than hearing anything else coming through our walls.

  • Mix Tape: Feel Like Makin’ Love

    Making a sex playlist is a difficult and delicate process. One first has to consider what kind of…