• An Open Letter to Sex & The City

    We city dwellers and big-city hopefuls would greatly appreciate it if you didn't create another Sex & The City movie. Ever heard the term "three's a crowd?" Yeah, well, however cliché it may sound, it's incredibly appropriate for your dreams of a potentially disastrous third movie. So, since we've been hearing rumors that it's a possibility, we thought it was a good time to sit down and talk.

  • Fashion Porn: Sparkle

    Okay, before you throw your Choo Steve Madden heel at me, give me a chance. I know "adding sparkle" to your wardrobe sounds like some weird thing Carrie Bradshaw/one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta would do, but trust me: adding a little bling to your wardrobe is the best way to beat the cold-weather fashion blahs.

  • Too Broke for the Gym: A CC Guide to Being Cheap AND Fit

    It’s summer. Translation: I’m not doing sh*t. Actually, that’s a huge lie. Instead of lounging…

  • This Is Not Your Life: The “Role Models” of Sex and the City

    In 1993, Lisa Simpson assessed the female role models of her time, and came up with a grim prognos…