• Celebrate Steak and a BJ Day With These Invaluable Tips

    What is Steak and Blowjob Day? Well, it's a day that's celebrated every year on March 14 - exactly one month after Valentine's Day - as a celebration of men and the things they love (like steak and blow-jobs).

  • The Cardinal Sins of Oral Sex: 7 Things No One Should EVER Be Doing

    While everyone is different and enjoys sex in their own way, there's definitely a textbook road map we can all follow when heading south. Read, love, memorize. Your partner will be glad you did.

  • Why Are Guys Obsessed With Facials? Ask a Slut!

    The urge to jizz all over your pretty face has nothing to do with whether or not this guy respects you, and everything to do with the fact that he’s watched a lot of porn.

  • Why Are Guys Obsessed With Anal Sex? Ask a Slut!

    We love our sluts, though, partly because we support the feminist fight against societal double standards. And also because good girls like sex, but we sometimes need helpful advice--and who better to ask than our sexual pioneers in the sisterhood...

  • His Hottest Role Playing Fantasis to Spice Up Your Sex Life [Dude's List]

    Halloween’s less than a week away and you know what that means: DRESS UP! One night out of the year when you can escape and indulge in a little bit of fantasy without feeling like you’re blatantly indulging your freakier side.

  • 4 Epic Sex Lessons You Need to Learn In Your Twenties!

    Now I'm sure we've all come to terms with the fact that life isn't like the movies, and those hot moves and that crazy confidence you've seen in almost every HBO drama is a lot harder to pull off than one would imagine.

  • 16 Sex Tips From Porn Stars, Playboy Babes And Feminists

    Porn stars, Playboy Bunnies, cam girls, feminist bloggers, feminist men and feminist women, we asked them all: What is good sex?

  • 5 Sexy Things to Do for the Fourth of July

    While no one generally associates today with being sexually charged, I totally believe any occasion can be sexy if you're down to be a little creatively silly.

  • 8 Misguided Facts from a 90s Sex Book

    So there's a book out that was published in 1999 called "The Rules for Getting Laid: Get the Sex You Want."

  • How to Give a Man the Best Orgasm of His Life

    Everybody knows the way to a man's heart might be through his stomach, but the way to keep a man's heart is through another organ.

  • Farrah Abraham’s Oral Skills Were a Fail, So Let’s Talk About How to Really Get It Done [Sexy Time]

    While there are guys out there who genuinely don't care for oral, I think it's a pretty safe assumption that most do. Luckily, giving enjoyable head to a guy is a fairly easy-ish endeavor.

  • The 4 Hottest Sex Moves Every Man Craves

    We're not talking about crazy Cirque du Soleil moves or emptying your bank account on costumes. We're talking easy and simple moves in the bedroom that'll make him beg for more.

  • Treating His Twins Like Squeeze Toys & Other Things That Don’t Turn Your Guy On..

    Remember that time you were hooking up and he pulled out some really bad dirty talk to try to turn you on? Not laughing when you're about to burst into a fit of giggles is the hardest thing to do. Turns out, we pull out some turn off moves too.

  • 4 Sex Lessons We Can Learn From Porn Stars

    Who likes good sex? Uhm. Everyone, obviously. Lackluster sex is just the worst - basically. You know who never has lackluster sex? Porn stars.

  • The 12 Most Amazing Things Guys Do In Bed

    Whether it's a little lip biting, or just being able to hang out sans-pants we're giving out one giant "Let's Hear It For The Boys!" for our favorite guys and the 12 best things they do in bed.

  • 7 Things Guys Shouldn’t Do In The Bedroom [He Said/She Said]

    Hey, I'm not the kind of girl to tell anyone the 'right way' to have sex. If you enjoy it and you're not hurting anyone (unless they're into that) go right ahead. But I think we can all agree there are some things that guys just need to stop doing in bed.

  • How One CC Intern Became a Radio Star in Nebraska [Audio]

    Apparently DJs Todd and Tyler of Z92, Omaha's top classic rock radio station, are fans of CollegeCandy because the two morning show hosts talked about her recent hit, 10 Most Annoying Things Guys Do In Bed, this past Tuesday.

  • What A Dude Really Cares About When Having Sex

    I want to have sex with someone who makes me feel like she wants to have sex with me, too. Eye contact. Enthusiasm. Other E words associated with eroticism.

  • Kristin Cavallari Reveals a Big Secret About “The Hills” [Candy Dish]

    It was especially hard for me to read an interview today in which Kristin Cavallari revels that the show wasn't always the most accurate in its portrayal of the stars' lives.

  • Have Mind Blowing Sex Tonight!

    Had a tough first week back at school? Sounds like you need to have some truly amazing sex tonight, and by truly amazing I mean better, hotter, orgasmic, world-shaking sex.

  • How Communication Can Save Your Sex Life

    We hear it over and over again; honest, open communication is the key to a good relationship. It builds trust, prevents weeks of tension followed by huge arguments, and means you feel comfortable enough to talk about anything.

  • An Open Letter to My Virgin Self

    Hey there, former me. Losing your virginity is a big deal, and I just wanted to prepare you for when the time comes.

  • Pregnancy Test Vending Machines Now In A Bar Near You [Candy Dish]

    You know what bars need more of? No, not more shots (for once) but pregnancy tests.

  • Why Summer Sex is the Best Sex!

    I love sex in the summer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love sex at all times of the years and in most climates but there’s something special about summer sex.

  • Candy Dish: Hump Day

    Josh Hutcherson points the way to Jennifer Lawrence • The real March Madness: Courtney Stodden VS Courtney Love • Sofia Vergara dishes on her powerful Latina sex appeal! • Having trouble finding the strength to leave your boyfriend? • What can you learn about love from Mad Men? • Some of these fetishes might turn you on?!