• 5 Reasons I’ve Said No To Sex, Illustrated In GIFs

    Sometimes it's because I'm in a dark mental place and arousal is the last thing on my mind. And sometimes...my reasons are maybe less sympathetic.

  • 16 Sex Tips From Porn Stars, Playboy Babes And Feminists

    Porn stars, Playboy Bunnies, cam girls, feminist bloggers, feminist men and feminist women, we asked them all: What is good sex?

  • So Which States Have The Biggest Ds? Not Wyoming . . .

    Wyoming came in last place. Sad. They're going to have to live with this stigma until like a month from now when everybody forgets this list existed.

  • The Best Reasons To Be Single From #I’mSingleBecause

    Personally, I'm single because I recently had to breakup with dairy and can't get over a man called cheese.

  • I Look Sad and Dudes Are So Turned On By It

    I have incurred a gnarly cut on my lip via a midnight bathroom run in the dark gone terribly awry. I've also been hit on more in the last five days than in the preceding six months.

  • How One Woman Went From Zero Orgasms to…Well…Success

    Crazy and a little awkward, but also very true.

  • The 7 Most Overrated Places to Have Sex

    6. The shower. I'm black. I'm not about to get my hair wet.

  • Sexual Harassment: I Got Masturbated At On Saturday

    It happens so often, that when my friend told me a guy was jerking off to us, I found it funny, while he felt violated and disgusted.

  • Girl Asks 100 Guys for Sex…Here’s What Happens

    "Mom, I'm gonna have to call you back."

  • I Don’t Think I Could Be Attracted to a Sexually Submissive Guy [Sexy Time]

    For as long as I can remember, my daydreams/fantasies regarding sex always featured me in a mildly submissive role while the guy was always the more experienced/dominant one.

  • They Make Vibrators For Bicycles Now

    Breezing by the trees—oh, here we go. Waving to the mailman–almost there. Peddling up a hill—this one is a doozy! Awkwaaaaaaaard.

  • 7 Tips For Initiating Sex With Dignity

    Because who wants to feel like a total trollop? Not me.

  • The Dude’s Tips To Having Great Sex: Helping Him Over His “Performance” Anxiety

    Sexual, performance, anxiety…three words that stand on their own, but when combined they create a label for something that afflicts almost every man, no matter how experienced in the horizontal (or vertical…or diagonal if you’re really adventurous) matters of the mating ritual.

  • Does He Talk About The Bad Sex With His Friends? [Ask A Dude]

    Last night my boyfriend told me he doesn't enjoy me being on top, or in his words: "You suck at being on top".

  • On Calling Guys Daddy and Why It Makes Me Uncomfortable [Sexy Time]

    I try not to judge others' sexual proclivities, I really don't. But every time I hear someone refer to the guy they're dating or interested in as "daddy", I can't help but cringe.

  • What Is The Average Penis Size?

    It's bigger than an iPhone and smaller than a Venti cup of coffee.

  • UPenn Ladies Give Up Love For Ambition And Sex

    The NY Times thinks you care more about making that paper than finding Mr. Right.

  • Your First Visit to the GYNO Was Probably Like This

    Ah, growing up. In every young woman's life, there comes a time when she must become acquainted with the special lady doctor: the gynecologist.

  • Really? Promiscuous Women Don’t Like Other Promiscuous Women

    Upon first read, it's so easy to scoff at these hypocrites and feel so superior because, thank Beysus, I'm so much more enlightened than that.

  • Other Things More Depressing Than Casual Sex

    A study claims that casual sex among college students has caused psychological distress, but when I was in college, I remember a lot of other things way worse that caused me to be depressed.

  • 5 Sexy Things to Do for the Fourth of July

    While no one generally associates today with being sexually charged, I totally believe any occasion can be sexy if you're down to be a little creatively silly.

  • 8 Misguided Facts from a 90s Sex Book

    So there's a book out that was published in 1999 called "The Rules for Getting Laid: Get the Sex You Want."

  • What He Really Thinks About Your Imperfections During Sex

    It turns out, guys are oblivious to half the things you're worried about and don't really care too much about the so-called imperfections they do actually notice.

  • Should I Lose My Virginity to My Ex? [Ask A Dude]

    I am a virgin and I want to do something with a guy that I don’t care about "like that", I want to learn from sex, I want to be good at it, but I don’t want it to be with someone I don’t know (because of potential STD risks).

  • 7 Things They Should Have Taught Us In Sex-Ed

    An old friend of mine had no idea what masturbation was at age 15, while another friend had lost their virginity at age 12. Clearly there's a problem here.