Apr 16, 2017

These Female Marines Are Fighting Back Against Misogyny

"This is about pretending you don't hear women when they speak."

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Mar 18, 2016

WATCH: Female Comedian Shut Downs Heckler With Brilliant On-The-Spot Insults

"'The thing with stand up comedy is it's just like sex with your misses - it is just better if you let her get on with it on her own."

Nov 2, 2015

These Female Astronauts Had The Best Response To How They Would Cope Without Men & Makeup

"It will be interesting to see how well they get on with each other..."

Sep 10, 2015

Women Are Calling Men Out For Sexist Messages On LinkedIn

Out of all the places on the Internet, seriously - you chose LinkedIn?

Aug 9, 2015

Miley Cyrus On Sexism & A Money-Obsessed Music Industry

Miley Cyrus is on the cover of Marie Claire‘s September issue– and got very candid and honest in the interview,...

Jun 23, 2015

Feminist Group Calls Out Sexist Ads Around NYC In The Most Awesome Way

"Women are sick of being bombarded with advertisements that depict women only as sexual objects."

Oct 8, 2014

90% Of Female Restaurant Workers Experience Sexual Harassment

Just because you serve someone doesn't mean you're their servant.

Jul 21, 2014

If Fashion Ads Posed Men Like Women

Because men should be objectified too.

Jun 3, 2014

Rich College Girls Call Poor College Girls “Sluts” To Create Social Hierarchies

One sorority girl said, "I only see people who are Greek; I don't know who the other students are. They are like extras.”

May 27, 2014

What Elliot Rodger’s Santa Barbara Killings Teach Us About Misogyny And Male Privilege

The truth is that women live in fear of violence from men and men do not live in fear of violence from women.