• 6 Animals That Are Actually a Lot Scarier Than Sharks

    Although Jaws and his merry band of carnivores were a force to be reckoned with, there are other animals that are a lot more dangerous and could use some time in the spotlight.

  • Miley Cyrus May Be Addicted… [Candy Dish]

    To Twitter. This girl cannot be stopped. She is giving followers up to the minute updates on her new hair cut. Today, my new haircut went to Starbucks. Today, my new haircut wore a rocker outfit. Today my new haircut wore red lipstick.

  • 10 People Who Should Get Eaten During Shark Week

    Welcome to Shark Week fair readers! The best week of the year starts tomorrow, dedicated to everything shark-y there is to know on the Discovery Channel.

  • Candy Dish: Sharks FTW

    •Another reason to celebrate shark weekMila Kunis sasses a reporter in Russian •Katy Perry's trying to catch the rainbow in her hair •How to find peace during your busy day •Would you wear a statement necklace, like a bold choker? •Do men lie about porn usage? •Is it still cheating when it's on Facebook or Twitter?

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    •Did your school make the list of top party schools? •What does it even mean to be a 3-D model?? •How to work an awesome chiffon skirt from Forever 21 •Sex euphemisms that will NOT get you laid •Are your bad habits holding you back? •Finally! Celebs against planking •Famous TV girlfriends

  • Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week

    When Tracy Morgan Jordan spoke those wise words on 30 Rock, was there a single human being who did not take him seriously? The guts, the glory, the pure aquatic rage that jumps out of our television screens and into our souls need not be limited to just one week. I mean, come on. Just look at these people (and highly-evolved pets).

  • Attention Professors: Turn on Your TVs!

    Okay, so it’s confession time. I really love the History Channel, and most channels like it. Think Discovery, or National Geographic. During the summer, rather than doing something “normal” like going to the beach, or grilling, you could find me nestled under a blanket sitting on the sofa watching a documentary on who really discovered America.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Almost Ready to Re-Stock Your Mini-Fridge

    This week flew by. I mean flew. Between watching Shark Week, voting for my favorite trends of the '90s and topping it off with the second episode of Jersey Shore of the season, I made quite the dent on my couch and my parents' pantry food supply (I'm serious, I probably gained 10 pounds in White Cheddar Cheese-Its).

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Whew, We Survived Jersey Shore

    This week should have been transformed into a national holiday. Unless you're under a bunch of rocks, Jersey Shore and Project Runway premiered yesterday - on the same day as National Lasagna Day. Coincidence? I think not. And if you're anything of a nerd nugget like myself, Shark Week is also premiering August 1st.

  • What’s The Big Deal With ‘Shark Week’?

    My parent's, friends, family and cat understand:come August 1st, I will loyally sit on my couch with snacks galore, cell phone/GChat/Facebook turned off, eyes glued to the TV. Why, you ask? Two words: Shark Week.

  • The Truth About Shark Week

    My fear of being eaten alive by sharks has become so irrational that I cannot swim in a pool alone w…

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    Oh Living Lohan, I can't believe our brief but tumultuous relationship is coming to an end (or a p…