• He Said/She Said: Why I’m Thankful For Men

    Personally, I tend to go a little more big-picture with my thank-you-fors. Eyesight...I'm a big fan of seeing. Also, the DVR has saved me the inner turmoil of choosing between Happy Hour and the newest episode of Parks and Rec. Most of all, however, I'm thankful for men. Yup. In all their burping, scratching bearded glory. Think I'm crazy?

  • Candy Dish: Ladies Line Up

    •True Blood hunk Joe Manganiello is a free man •Why shower sex rocks my socks •Stars who surprisingly turned down major roles •Told you not to increase your prices, Netflix •The moment Brad and Angie became Brangelina •Petals make the best shoe insertsRachel Weisz looks ferosh

  • Sexy Time: The College Bucket List

    I’m graduating in January and I’m more than a little freaked out. With the end my my carefree existence approaching so rapidly, I’ve been thinking a lot about the college experiences I wouldn’t want to miss out on before I flip that tassel. Obviously, a lot of these involve sex.

  • The Morning After: The Power of Shower Shoes

    Sophomore year I had gone through a bad breakup, things weren’t going so well with my roommate and my grades were plummeting. Long days running my frustration out at the gym and longer nights of drowning my sorrows in alcohol were really wearing down my system. I knew a breakdown was looming, but there was no predicting when or where it was going to happen.

  • The Morning After: A Shameful Shower Story

    Last week, my boyfriend and I met for dinner in Manhattan and ended up going to his friend’s apartment afterwards to hang out. It got pretty late, and one of the roommates said that we could crash in an empty room (the guy who lived there was vacationing in Brazil) if we didn’t want to go all the way uptown in the rain.

  • Sexy Time: Have Sex, Save Money

    We all know the economy is terrible and that money is tight. And most can agree that not having money really, really sucks. I’m here to show you, however, that saving money doesn’t have to be all that bad.

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