• Sidekicks Aren’t Just For Superheroes: A Phone Review

    We all remember seeing pictures of Paris Hilton at a club texting on her pink, bedazzled T-Mobile Sidekick phone. Well just as Paris Hilton has changed (her hair is longer), so has the T-Mobile Sidekick.

  • Technology Takes Relationships to a Whole New Level

    It’s no surprise to say technology has completely changed the way we, as a society, come together. From Twitter to Foursquare, J-Date to Match.com, gone are the days of quainter communication. Forget about lying in bed twirling the phone cord around your finger as you trade campus gossip with your BFF....

  • Friends That Go the Distance… Literally

    It goes without saying that there is an enormous difference between being two doors down from someone and 2,000 miles apart. As junior and senior year of college approach, destinations like Italy and France begin whispering into the ears of undergrads, luring them into the idea of studying abroad.

  • The World of Chatroulette

    Just recently, I heard through the grape-vine about a little video-chat sensation called Chatroulette. Now, we have all heard of Skype, a video chat used to communicate with friends for free. But creators of Chatroulette decided to float to the rebellious side of things and create a video chat for strangers

  • Sexy Time: Tech-Sexy

    It's officially the future, people, and while there may not be flying cars just yet, the advancements in technology are plentiful. Especially when it comes to gettin' some. Yes, sex has gone tech, and I'm talking about more than those nakey photos you've been sending to the boyf.

  • Gradvice: Your Post-Grad BFFs

    After four years (or more, if you’re lucky) navigating your familiar college campus, it’s time to face a new, not-so-familiar world. It’s time to find a new favorite pizza place, a new mani/pedi shop, and a new bar with cheap specials on Wednesday nights. Oh yeah, and for many of you, you have to find some new friends with whom to frequent those locations.

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  • Candy Dish: It’s (Girl Scout) Cookie Time!

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  • Surviving the Long Distance Relationship

    I've been in an on and off relationship with this guy for eight years. Yes, we first started dating when I was about ten. That's a very long time, and we've been through a lot, including six month periods of not talking at all. Times where I was depressed and mopey and times where I was rebellious and happy.

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