slumber party

  • No Party? No Problem!

    No Party? No Problem!

    Of the many things I’ve learned during my first few weeks of college, perhaps the most often reinforced lesson is that Friday night + Saturday night = party time on campus. But if you’re like me and not really into the party scene, there are still tons of ways to have a great time on the weekend without resorting to the usual standby of a DVD and popcorn. Just get creative (and a permit from public safety)!

  • Miss Manners: House Guest Cheat Sheet

    Miss Manners: House Guest Cheat Sheet

    I love sleepovers. They are always so reminiscent of fifth grade slumber parties when, for one whole night, you and your BFF would stay up eating sundaes and talking about your favorite N*Sync member (<3 Lance). Anyway, I still love sleepovers. Only now there are no sundaes, my beloved Lance is gay, and the friend sleeping over part usually lasts waayyyy longer than just one night.