• 10 Infomercial Products I Kinda, Sorta Need

    You know when you're watching TV at 3am while trying to concentrate on finishing up an essay and all of a sudden an infomercial comes on? Before you realize it, your computer is on the floor and you can't take your eyes off of the too-chipper spokesperson and the ridiculous invention they're hawking.

  • Candy Dish: Everyone’s a Gleek

    • Is Glee bigger than The Beatles? Apparently. • Lady Gaga's got some bizarro backstage demands. • Mark Zuckerberg gets the Simpsons treatment. • 8 ways to take charge and get what you want! • Signs you might just not be that into him. • Presenting: Snuggie 2.0.

  • Pop a Bottle…With Your Bikini Bottom

    Thanks to the Snuggie and its family of unnecessary-but-ridiculously-popular-useless-items, get rich quick schemes are appearing everywhere. Potheads in dorm rooms all over the country swear that their invention is the “next big thing” and have no idea how the country has functioned thus far without the “Condomizer 3000” which dispenses condoms 1 at a time like PEZ.

  • The Best Products of 2009

    I am a huge sucker for, well, lack of a better word, stuff. I'm not A&E "Hoarders" bad, but I love to shop and I love fun, innovative products, even if they don't really benefit me in any way. Neti Pot anyone?

  • Candy Dish: Can We Talk About Something Besides Tiger?

    • Yeah, he's a tad shady. Can we move on? • Damn, QVC has a lot of great shiz. • Is that a Snuggie, Jessica Simpson? • So that's what makes for bad sex. • Everyone wants to see Lady Gaga. • Is loneliness contagious?

  • Hot Accessories for a Cold Winter

    This fall weather is quickly beginning to feel a lot like winter. Sweaters and tights are being traded in for winter fleeces and long-johns. You may think you're good to go with your new crochet Uggs and long, puffy North Face jacket, but there's a lot more out there this winter when it comes to accessories.

  • Live Green. Technology the Eco-Friendly Way

    Regardless of whether you are majoring in computer science or can’t even figure out how to type on an iPhone (guilty), you gotta admit that technology is pretty cool. One recurring downside, however, is that most techie products require lots and lots of electricity which, in turn, requires lots and lots of oil.

  • We Can’t Resist the Infomercials

    We've all seen these products advertised in the wee hours of the morning when we're still awake for some odd reason and the idea of a rotisserie chicken or some tall hair sounds too good to pass up. Most of us have probably even bought a few. They sound too good to be true, and they probably are, but we just can't resist trying them out. Especially at such great bargains.

  • Candy Dish: Lady Gaga’s “Style”

    Lady Gaga really doesn't like clothes. • The claws are off for Gwyneth and Scarlett. Rawr! • You snooze, you lose....weight. • T.I.'s road to redemption a whole lot shorter than expected. • The Snuggie alternatives. • A look we're totally loving.

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