• The 5 Best Dramatic Readings of the Angry Delta Gamma Email

    The Greek community, and everyone else on earth, went up into arms over an email that leaked out of the University of Maryland's Delta Gamma chapter last week. Apparently, their fellow sister, Rebecca Mortinson, was not happy about their "social performance" (whatever the hell that is) during Greek Week on the campus.

  • 10 Places Your Letters Do Not Belong

    For girls in sororities, your letters are a source of pride. They represent your house and your sisterhood. I am a firm believer in respecting one's letters because I wouldn't want to embarrass my house in any way. There are certain rules like that you shouldn't drink while wearing your letters, whether they're on your clothing or printed on your cup. I personally don't want the ghosts of my founders haunting me because I made a ridiculous choice in where I put my letters.

  • Stop Hating on Ke$ha – She Is Who We R

    While I can understand why some people don't stand behind her gold tooth, nose ring, obsession with body paint, catchy techno pop beats, and copious amounts of glitter references in her songs, I can't understand how people (especially college girls) don't want to dance along with her. Ke$ha is the ultimate college girl!

  • The Morning After: The Pooper

    When I was a sophomore I lived in a quad in my sorority house. That meant 4 girls, 45 pairs of jeans and over 100 pairs of shoes stuffed into a very tiny space. With bunk beds. The close quarters were an issue when any sort of studying had to get done or heavy drinking was going down ("Dude, there is not enough room in here for you to do the worm..."), but we made it work most of the time.

  • Duke It Out: Going Greek

    Having spent my college years at a *ahem* non-traditional school, sororities were never something I considered - we don't even have a campus, let alone a Greek system. But nonetheless, I suppose I've always looked down a bit on sorority girls... at least until recently when one of my best friends told me she was going to rush this year.

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    Nerds and Sorority girls. They go together like a John Hughes movie and the 80′s. Which is…

  • So You Want to Join a Sorority?

    I was a sorority girl. I went to college with the firm belief that I would never ever go Greek. Yet t…

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    I’m a sucker for a good urban legend, and I more often than not fall victim to them. I still c…