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  • One Month Challenge: Shopping Ban, Week Two

    One Month Challenge: Shopping Ban, Week Two

    So because of a recent underwear purge (I estimate I have about 60 pairs), I found myself needing some nude n0-show undies for an ivory dress my mom bought me over Spring Break. What started as an innocent visit to VS.com for one $10 thong turned into a $250 shopping bag that won't stop staring at me.

  • Gradvice: Worthy Investments

    Gradvice: Worthy Investments

    The hardest part of graduating from college for me personally was learning how to manage my money. I was always able to be frugal with my own savings account in college, because my parents were still footing the bill for most of my expenses. That meant that all the big and important stuff was being taken care of and I was only responsible to cover the things that I liked. Like bags. And shoes. And shots of vodka.

  • This Week: Decisions For The Ages

    This Week: Decisions For The Ages

    This was a week for decisions. Major decisions. And boy, did we make them. We elected Barack Obama as the 44th (and first African-American) President...

  • Save Money YOUR Way

    Save Money YOUR Way

    Saving money is hard. You spend all your time pinching pennies and putting that money in the bank and the next thing you know you’re...