• Don’t Panic! 6 Things It Could Be Other Than an STD

    Whether it's an uncomfortable sensation, a funky looking bump or a weird smell -- your stomach drops and you ask yourself, "Shit. Do I have a sexually transmitted disease?"

  • True Story: I Have HPV

    I met him my first night of college. Although not the fairytale every girl imagines, we hit it off in the basement of a fraternity house. It was a passionate, whirlwind love affair that lasted about a month. Long story short, we don’t speak any more. I took it as a learning experience about relationships and the healing process was not easy.

  • Sexy Time: Bareback Mountin’

    There are a lot of decisions to be made in a long-term relationship -- whose friends to hang out with more often, if and when to cohabit, whose place to crash at more often, and what you’d both like the future to look like. Once sex enters the relationship – whether if it’s on the first date or on the first night of marriage, there comes a whole new set of decisions to make.

  • STDs: Dont Ask, Don’t Tell?

    Sarah woke up one Sunday with an aching pain in her throat. The night before, she had felt a bit sick after a week of intense studying and paper-writing. But, deciding her sanity was more important than her health, she threw back a few shots of Jose and hit the town with her girlfriends.

  • Sexy Time: Maybe They’re Onto Something?

    I realize that most of us don’t live at home anymore; that most of us are no longer in high school or living with parents. But I stumbled upon this study recently and can’t stop thinking about it. In a nutshell, Dutch parents support their teenagers’ sexuality and it results in lower STI and lower teen pregnancy rates.

  • Do You Know The Dangers of Gardasil?

    I remember when the Gardasil phenomenon first started. Commercials for the vaccine were played on MTV approximately every three seconds, and within weeks, everyone I knew was rushing to the gynecologist for their three doses. And why wouldn't they?

  • And You Thought Your Relationship Was Bad

    Girl: "I have a boyfriend." Guy: "I have a goldfish." Girl: "..... What?" Guy: "I thought we were talking about things that don't matter."

  • The Doc Is In: Dealing with HPV

    Q: I am 23-years-old and have been with my boyfriend for 6 years. I got the Gardasil shot last year and my paps have been fine until I got my last Gardasil shot. The doctor told me my pap was abnormal a couple months after my 3rd shot. Was the shot what caused the adnormal pap? The other doctor took a look and did not find anything so she did not do a biospy. I went back 8 months later and she found a small wart and removed it.

  • The Doc Is In: I Have HPV. What Now?

    Q: I found out that I have HPV. So ,having sex with my boyfriend, does that mean he has HPV too? And if either of us perform oral sex – can the warts then be transferred to our mouths? Will this lead to cancer? On the paper I got back from the doctor it said to come back in 12 months for another pap smear; will it get worse by then? I'm nervous.

  • The Doctor Is In: How Do I Know If He’s Clean?

    Q: I recently started hooking up with a boy who has, well, gotten around. I asked him if he’d been tested recently and he said he did (and he was “all good!”), but I don’t know if I trust him. Maybe he’s just saying that to get in my pants?

  • Sexy Time: Does Peeing After Sex Protect You?

    I’m one of those girls who religiously pees after sex. I read an article at some point in my life (probably in Cosmo when I was sneaking it at 15) about how peeing could prevent UTIs. Combine that with the fact that I inherited my mothers insanely-active bladder, and I can’t imagine not taking that trip to the potty.

  • College Myths Debunked: The Hidden Dangers of Ice Luging

    While sliding down frozen mountainsides is somewhat adventurous, nothing compares to the college Ice Luge. 6 feet tall, carved into the shape of your school mascot, fraternity letters, or just a giant wedge, the ice luge will leave you liquored up and slightly frostbitten around your mouth and nose.

  • The Doctor Is In: Am I Sexually Active?

    Q: This may sound really dumb, but when my doctor asks me if I’m sexually active, I never know how to answer. Have I had sex before? Yes. Am I having it now? No. (But I wish I were...) When I have it, is it with the same person? No. How do I answer this and, even more, is she judging me when I answer truthfully?

  • Sexy Time: Condoms and Commitment

    Whatever happened to "no glove, no love"? These days, forgoing condoms is practically considered proof of love ... but intentionally unprotected sex isn't merely a practice exclusive to the betrothed or married.

  • Sexy Time: Demystifying Foreskin

    Foreskin may be the only uncharted territory Americans have no desire to conquer. In our country, circumcision is common enough that a foreskin-free penis is the expectation, but elsewhere, that's hardly the case. Though it remains the most common elective operation globally, the majority of men in the world don't undergo it. Surprised?

  • OMG, Where Did The Condom Go!?

    After countless years of sex education and awkward lectures from our parents, we all know to use condoms. They are the cheap, safe way to keep your uterus empty and your lovely vag disease free -- but we know that already.

  • Everything You Need to Know About STD Tests

    Do you have that burning, itching, inflamed, oozey feeling south of the border? Maybe you don't see or feel anything obvious but you just have that nagging suspicion that last week's man-whore frat-guy gave you more than his number.

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