• The Intern’s Guide to Chicago

    Welcome to Chicago! Summer in this city is quite possibly the most wonderful thing in the world (not like I'm biased...). I'm here to help you navigate Frank Sinatra's kind of town like a pro and not a tourist. Because while going to look down from the top of the Sears Tower (don't even think about calling it the Willis Tower) Sky Deck is a touristy essential, Chicago has so much more than just Michigan Ave and Navy Pier to explore.

  • Would You Rather…

    Would You Rather have an unpaid summer internship with a boss like Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada or a summer job making bank as a nanny for the brattiest group of triplets you can imagine?

  • Should I Feel Guilty That I Can Afford an Unpaid Internship?

    No one would ever walk up to a friend on financial aid and accuse her parents of being lazy, good-for-nothing, bad parents for not making enough money to send her to college. Yet people feel completely comfortable going up to a friend with an unpaid internship and accusing her of being a spoiled brat because she's fortunate enough to be able to afford spending a summer making no money.

  • Intern Diaries: Don’t We Get Some Bragging Rights?

    It’s no secret that interning can be a dull job. In fact, sometimes internships get such a bad rep that we forgot that they can also have some pretty amazing perks. In the field of journalism and magazine writing, one of those perks is being given the opportunity to cover red carpet events. At my internship, it’s hands down everyone’s favorite thing to do and for obvious reasons.

  • The CC Weekly Weigh In: Awkward Work Moments

    This past Halloween my friends and I decided to put on our costumes early and head over to a bar to watch some college football. Fast forward to 3pm: I'm drunk, dressed up as Rainbow Bright and smoking cigarettes on the street while my male friend jokingly shoved his hand up my skirt. Nothing too out of the ordinary...until a business associate happened to walk by. And recognize me.

  • Alright Summer, I’m Ready for College Already

    Before I started college I would spend literally weeks fantasizing about summer. The perfect summer camp, summer job, summer fling, summer barbecues (mmmm cole slaw), whatever. Daydreaming about all the fun I was to have in the summer days ahead was the only way I managed to keep my eyes open during those high school classes that miserably lasted through June.

  • Intern Diaries: Stop Treating Me Like Crap!

    Everyone knows that one of the worst things about being an intern is actually telling people you’re an intern. I can deal with getting coffee, fetching elaborate lunches in the rain, sending out mail and transcribing interviews for hours, all in the name of trying to get a job. I cannot, however, deal with being treated like sh*t just because some people choose to view me as just the bottom of the job food chain and nothing more than that.

  • Budget Stylista: Summer Internship Looks

    Summer for many college students means interning. Which means working. For free. Which means needing to look cute without spending a lot of dough. It also means happy hours. Which usually turn into full night engagements. And who wants to head out on the town for the night in their boring work clothes?

  • Duke It Out: Internships

    The last few months a bunch of people (mostly employed people who don't actually have a stake in the matter, I must note. *Suck it, employed people!*) have made a big deal out of internships - Are they fair? Are they worth it? Are they even legal?

  • Intern Diaries: Let Internship Season Begin!

    Ah, the joys of working nine hour days for free, of basically being known as the office bitch, and of never knowing if your dedicated hard work will ever actually turn into the job of your dreams. These are the joys of being an intern.

  • 6 Things I Learned as an Intern

    Summer used to mean a few things: sleep-away camp, s'mores, arts and crafts, and trying to find a dry Speedo. Unfortunately, for most of us who aren't Michael Phelps, finding a dry Speedo and swimming our lives away won't be very beneficial to our futures. Nor will concocting the perfect s'more, made with the most awesomely browned marshmallow ever. So now, summer means one thing: interning.

  • College Q&A: Is It Too Late To Get an Internship?

    I don’t know what to do. So, I’m finishing my junior year and all of my friends have dream internships this summer in New York and L.A. and Chicago...and I’ve got nothing. I know internships are important but I havent gotten any of the ones I applied for. Is it too late to apply for more? Does it look bad applying this late?

  • Summer Break Is Almost Here – Yay?

    Spring semester is winding down, and when we're stuck in the library for 24 hours at a time with our eyes glued to a textbook and an energy drink surgically attached to our hands, it's easy to count down to seconds until summer vacation. But as we all know, life back at home can be a drag an adjustment.

  • 5 Steps to a Summer Internship

    So you’ve got less than two months left of the school year and zero plans for a summer internship. Crap? It may seem like it’s too late to find something fantastic to pad that resume, but there are still plenty of internships out there just waiting to be filled. You just need to find the one you want and then make sure you set yourself apart from the other internship hunters as the best person for the job.

  • Should Unpaid Internships Be Illegal?

    I learned a long time ago that if I want to break into magazine writing I would have to get some internships under my belt. And after searching high and low, I later learned those internships would most likely be unpaid. Did I want to make big money while working full time at a job? Of course, but if working my patootie off to pad my resume required a financial sacrifice, then I was more than willing to do it.

  • 5 Super Hot Summer Internships

    The time has come. The epic, (slightly short-lived) time of the year when applying for summer internships is at an ultimate high. Is it a coincidence this time hit during allergy season? Um, bummer.

  • The Tool To Finding The Right Internship For You

    As college students in the 21st century, we all understand the importance of internships. Every job coach, job website and career center employee on campus will tell you that internships are the key to post-college success. They give you real world experience, teach you things you’d never learn in the classroom and look really (REALLY) good on resumes. The problem is, though, that many of us don’t know what sort of internship to get.

  • The Secrets To Getting Your Dream Internship

    It's internship hunting season and, thanks to the economy, it's more competitive than ever. That means it's more important than ever to make a really good first impression. Being that I spent the past week alone sifting through over 100 applications for CollegeCandy's summer internship positions, I know a thing or twelve about what makes a successful application.

  • College Q&A: Save Me Some Money

    One of my resolutions for this year was to save money, but it seems almost impossible to do in college. Do you have any ideas where to start or what I can do to save a few bucks? I need money badly because I’m interning (with no pay!) in NYC this summer, but as much as I try I just can’t save anything. Help?

  • Some Idiot’s Bright Idea: Let’s Cancel Summer

    A US Senator, Lamar Alexander (yes, please send him nasty letters and kick him on the street), stated in a recent Newsweek Article that “an educational schedule of 3 months of summer is not relevant in today’s world and [college] students should take more credit hours and graduate in 3 years, saving 25% in tuition costs.”

  • Intern Diaries: Wrapping Up

    It’s finally here: week ten of my summer internship at Magazine X in New York City. I’m proud to report that I’ve made it through numerous days of unpaid labor and braved the horrible commuting conditions, and I actually managed to have a pretty good time while doing so. So what have I learned?

  • Life After College: What If…?

    I've been asking a lot of questions lately. Mostly to myself, but I have a quirky tendency to mumble aloud so sometimes I get answers from people assuming that I was trying to have a conversation with them. But I appreciate their responses; I'll take anything I can get these days, with the exception of Yahoo answers.

  • Intern Diaries: Rain, Rain, Go Away

    Rainy weather in New York really sucks. I know that rain sucks wherever you live, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the Big Apple is probably the city that is least conducive to rainstorms. As all of you east-coasters probably remember, it rained, thundered, lightning, misted – you get the drift – every day in June

  • Intern Diaries: Mid-Summer Evaluation

    Last week, our managing editor (who essentially runs the production process – making sure layouts are updated and distributed, giving editors deadlines, leading weekly content meetings, etc.) emailed the entire staff and informed us that our “summer Fridays” would have to be put on hold.

  • Intern Diaries: Surviving the Commute

    If your summer has been characterized by commuting to and from your internship site, I’m sure that we can sympathize with one another. And if you have been trying to avoid your commute by staying with friends/boyfriends/girlfriends so that you don’t need to go home and actually deal with commuting, I can sympathize with you more.