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  • Candy Dish: Color Outside the Lines

    Candy Dish: Color Outside the Lines

    •How do guys actually feel about tan lines? •Paris feels bad about that infamous sex tape •7 Neutral nail colors for summer •5 High School Musicals better than 'High School Musical' •Another reason to want Bradley Cooper •How to replicate Miu Miu Canvas Wedges for less •Lady Gaga was broke in 2009

  • Even Out Those Tan Lines

    Even Out Those Tan Lines

    I'll admit in all shallowness, one thing excites me more than anything about the summer time: busting out short skirts! But there's one problem. While slipping on a slinky mini dress the other night, I looked down at my legs in horror. Walking around in bermudas all day had given me a beautiful golden tan...from the knee down.

  • Burnt To a Crisp? Read On…

    Burnt To a Crisp? Read On…

    Now that a lot of us hold weekly office jobs, it makes perfect sense that we want to soak up as much sun as possible on the weekends. However, too many girls make the mistake of not wearing sunscreen while sitting in the sun to compensate for their pale bodies…and end up looking like a lobster instead.

  • Who Wears Short Shorts?

    Who Wears Short Shorts?

    If your supply of Cucumber Melon Nair suspiciously starts going missing, blame your boyfriend. If designers like Prada have their way, men will soon take...