• A History of Tanning Culture, From Coco Chanel to Snooki

    Everyone's trying to get that summer glow. Unless, of course, you're me. I'm the girl reapplying her broad spectrum sunscreen and wearing a big floppy sun hat.

  • Is It Possible to Be Unable to Tan?

    Ever spent the day sunbathing at the beach with no sunblock and remained your usual shade of pale?

  • I’m Pale, Get Over It: A Fair-Skinned Manifesto [Friday Faves]

    I was born with a skin-tone that falls somewhere between "fresh milk" and "blank paper." I've heard every "where are the Seven Dwarves?" and "Ah! You're blinding me!" joke in existence, replacing my joyful anticipation of summer with an ominous dread.

  • CC Beauty Live: Self Tanners

    Self tanners can be your best friend during the summer months! Sure in the past self tanners have been notorious for their distinct smells and splotchiness, but the formulas have improved and continue to do so.

  • 8 Cliche Things to Do On Campus Now That It’s Spring

    Spring is finally here and I couldn't be happier! The only problem is that I can hardly stand to sit in class when it's sunny and beautiful outside. The moment the seasons started to change, all of the sun-deprived library dwellers emerged on campus. Don't miss out on the action! Here are 8 cliche things you can do on campus now that the sun is out.

  • Why Are People Still Tanning?!

    I’ve written before about why I don’t tan, and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that tanning carries with it some pretty serious risks. Still, up to 80 percent of people under 25 are convinced that they look better with a tan, and every single day, more than one million Americans visit tanning salons.

  • Snooki Launches Line of Tanning Lotions, Adds to Empire

    This year, I’m gonna be Snooki for Halloween. Leopard minidress, butterfly “tramp clamp” hairclip, ten bottles of bronzing lotion and go-go boots, plus a can of hairspray in one hand and a drink in the other, and I’m good to go! (Note: currently casting for my other half. You can choose from Vinny, Gionni or JWoww.)

  • CC Beauty Live: Self Tanner Basics

    Everyone is expected to be tan in the summer, yeah? And while you know all about the dangers of tanning, people still do it. That will never change. I love being outside, and there's nothing like a tan from natural sunlight. But like always, you have to use protection (see what I did there?).

  • The 10 People You’ll See at the Beach This Summer

    Living in South Florida means I’ve seen my fair share of beach-goers. The beaches down here are filled with beautiful people with beautiful bodies and perfect tans. However, they aren’t always filled with people who are easy on the eyes. Nor is every beach day an episode of Baywatch. As summer approaches, more and more people are heading off to the beach to catch some rays and waves -- which mean you're going to do a lot of people watching. For better or worse.

  • Candy Dish: But Where’s Jon Hamm?

    •The movie 'The Town' served as inspiration for a bank heist in Illinois •The fool proof method to tanning •Yeah, those photos are definitely Blake Lively •Meet Katy Perry's biggest fan •3 Ways to pull off a high waisted skirt at work •Ever wanted to know what the cute stranger was listening to? •5 Reasons it pays to be single in the summer

  • CC Beauty Live: ABCDEs Of Moles

    With summer coming, I've been quite focused on pumping you all with information about practicing safe sun. Well, get excited, because I have some more! A lot of you love tanning, I get it, but there's a way to do it safely.

  • CC Beauty Live: Treating Sunburn

    I rarely burn, but I've had a few cases of awful sunburn where I had to stay inside and lay on the floor because my down comforter felt like a bed of nails against my skin. I've blistered and picked and even had sun poisoning. So trust me, I feel your pain.

  • True Story: I Have Melanoma

    It was a cold day in November when I got the phone call from the dermatologist telling me my results were back and I needed to come into the office the same day. As I put down the phone, I looked at my boyfriend and nervously laughed and said, “Well that can’t be good.”

  • Body Blog: Good Eating Is Skin Deep

    live for the summer. In the spring, I count down the days until my last final and I miss it terribly during the fall. I love the way the sun‘s rays touch my skin, I love reading novels lazily on the beach, my morning outdoor runs, and enjoying picnics and BBQs. I love the skin-exposing, brightly colored fashions I get to wear.

  • Summer Job Got You Down? We’ve Got 7 Easy Ways to Lift Those Spirits!

    Even though summer should be all about relaxing and enjoying the sun, many of us are so busy with our own internships and work that we often forget to take care of ourselves. And even when we do, pampering on a budget seems almost impossible. (Um, hello $65, one-time facial). Pretty soon we're pasty, tired and moody to boot.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Summer Is Happening So Fast!

    Can anyone believe we're nearing the end of the second week of June? It seems like just yesterday we were packing up, hugging our BFFs goodbye and settling back into our childhood bedrooms. And now summer has come upon us so quickly I haven't even had time to go swimsuit shopping! We've even already had the MTV Movie Awards, which means the 4th of July is just around the corner.

  • Out of the Tanning Bed, Into the Vegetable Aisle

    Scientists are claiming that incorporating more cantaloupe, apricots, carrots, peppers and spinach into your diet can give your skin a golden glow. In the study, Caucasian volunteers who consumed a diet rich in orange and green fruits and vegetables were said to have even preferred the look of the golden glow effect from the diet to the darker effect from the sun.

  • Are Wrinkles Worse Than Cancer?

    A new study out of East Tennessee State University found that women (and men - I’m lookin’ at you, Jersey Shore cast) are more apt to listen to warnings that tanning will deteriorate their looks than the boring ol’ cancer threats. While both statements are true - you’re basically asking for skin cancer when you tan, and yeah, those intense, concentrated rays cause wrinkles, sunspots, and leathery handbag hands - the latter is taken far more seriously by habitual tanners.

  • The Know: Towel Yourself Tan

    For years, my friend Jess has had the perfect tan; always radiant, glowing, never orange, never streaky, never Simon Cowell looking (I mean really, the dude should just wear a sign that reads "Some people choose alcohol, but self tanner is my drug of choice").

  • Don’t Blow That Tax Refund

    Happy Tax Day! I know it's not the best day for those of you who have to hand your hard-earned money over to the government (perhaps a free donut will help?), but some of you might be lucky enough to be getting some cash back. Hooray! If you're anything like me, you were so excited at the prospect of having a positive number in your bank account that you started spending that money before you even got it.

  • The 5 Annoying People You’ll Meet After Spring Break

    While you may be looking forward to seeing your friends, getting back to your favorite professor’s lecture, and maybe even that cute guy you were flirting with before the break, I guarantee you’ve forgotten about the other people you'll be forced to deal with. The uber annoying ones who always pop up after our beloved break.

  • Spring Break Swimsuits: Affordable and Adorable?!

    It’s okay girls, count to ten and breathe. I know we all have huge under eye circles, our legs haven’t been shaved in a good week and these study munchies are starting to catch up with our love handles. But on the other side of this pit of fire that is midterms is a glorious week-long party fest.

  • Seven Deadly Beauty Sins

    We ladies spend a lot of our time making ourselves beautiful. Between the haircuts, the tweezing, the manicures, the bronzers... it's exhausting. And it could all be a waste of time, according to a poll over at Glamour Magazine. They asked some guys what they thought of our beauty tricks and the boys let it all out.

  • Overheard: Bad Bromance

    (Two girls in the dining hall.) Girl 1: I know. I'm the best wing man ever! Girl 2: Well, who's your wing man? Girl 1: (Pointing to her breasts and shimmying) I've got two.