• Waiting For Your Crush to Text You Is a Lot Like This…

    The only thing more frustrating than dating in the 21st century is texting in the 21st century. Especially when the person you are texting is your crush.

  • Brace Yourself for Some Tough Love: Here’s What His Texts Really Mean

    When you have a crush on someone everything they do is a sign. His texts aren't just text. They mean something.

  • Heyyyy!! Why Are We Texting All Crazzzyy Likee?

    After reading this study, I actually felt really exposed because I was guilty of, like, every single thing they mentioned! It's really odd seeing behavior you totally know you possess being analyzed right in front of you.

  • Has Texting Improved or Ruined Dating? [Ask A Dude]

    Dating is a dance and texting is a brand new routine. You modify some old moves but you’re also creating new ones. The results are mostly the same and based on the same fundamentals, timing and rhythm included. But while the benefits are great, the burns are more severe.

  • No Texting, No Exceptions: Week Four [One Month Challenge]

    I gave up texting for December, and I didn’t become a better person. I didn’t feel relieved and cleansed. I didn’t decide to give up texting forever. I did learn something, though.

  • No Texting, No Exceptions: Week Two [One Month Challenge]

    It’s interesting what you’re willing to share when there won’t be a record of it. I called a boy, and I told him he hurt me. I told him he embarrassed me, he made a fool out of me.

  • No Texting, No Exceptions: Week One [One Month Challenge]

    On December 1, I swore off texting. I figured giving up texting meant I would spend more time on the phone. What it actually did was make me crafty.

  • Why He Hasn’t Called You Back

    You ask yourself if maybe he lost your number or broke his phone or if you had food in your teeth the whole night and he thought you weren't playing with a full set of pearly whites. Any of these are completely likely scenarios, right!?

  • Why Do Guys Take So Long To Text Back? [Ask A Dude]

    I'm not looking for volumes of prose sent via SMS, but a semi-prompt answer to my "Wanna catch a movie Friday?" invitation would be swell.

  • Communication Mediums Ranked: From Face Time To Pokes

    As someone who spends her days studying communciations, I've spent a lot of time contemplating the ways we get in touch with one another. It used to be simple. A phone call here, meeting for coffee there. Maybe an e-mail or an AIM chat if you were feeling adventurous.

  • Let Your Texting Skills Snag You a Relationship

    I'm sure we've all been there before, waiting and waiting and waiting to receive that text, freaking out over how much time we should take to answer back, then of course, wondering what ON EARTH we could even say back that's quirky, cute and interesting.

  • Dude’s List: 11 Things Women Should NOT Give Up For Lent

    Being as this is the season of Lent, when good Catholic boys and girls are sacrificing one of their favorite luxuries for 40 days, I started to wonder, how productive an idea is this for the 21st century? I’m all for penance, don’t get me wrong, love me some BDSM, but while you can give up certain things, are their ones that you shouldn’t give up?

  • Virtual Relationships Are the New IRL

    You wake up. You reach over to your bedside table, grab your ringing phone and click the dismiss button to stop the alarm. Phone still in hand, you rub your left eye, but leave the right one open and peek at the device in your palm. Eleven new emails and four texts.

  • Tips for Texting Etiquette

    Recently, the New York Times ran an article along with a funny short film about the dangers of texting and walking. Oops, guilty as charged. Their solution? Stand out of the way with your back to the wall if you need to send a text. This is a great start, but there are a few more things you should remember when texting...

  • When it’s Okay (and NOT Okay) to Text

    As a certified 21st century girl, I love all forms of "e" (or "i" for all you Mac geeks) communication. Email, IM, tweeting, texting- they're all great ways to stay connected, so why are movie theaters, schools and other public places getting so strict about them?

  • Sidekicks Aren’t Just For Superheroes: A Phone Review

    We all remember seeing pictures of Paris Hilton at a club texting on her pink, bedazzled T-Mobile Sidekick phone. Well just as Paris Hilton has changed (her hair is longer), so has the T-Mobile Sidekick.

  • When Flirting Becomes Stalking

    It's summer. There's a bonfire. You look fabulous in your bikini. You've had a drink (or two... or three...). And that guy is hot. And you just want him to notice you and become your cabana boy for the next three months. It happens. But there is a very thin line between flirty and creepy.

  • Internet Jargon Gets Official

    Yes, it's official, peeps. 2011 is leaving its mark (or blemish) on history with the addition of a few choice words to the good ole' dictionary. Among the words to made the cut: "OMG," "muffin top" and "LOL." What a legacy we're leaving behind for our children.

  • He Said/She Said: Decoding Text Messages

    Sigh. The text message. So few letters, so many hours spent analyzing it. And throw in some punctuation? My god, you might as well have me solve a trig equation. Ambiguous text messages leave so many of us ladies staring blankly at our cell phone screens, a look of completely confusion on our faces (and not always due to auto correct).

  • Candy Dish: Sexting Up a Storm

    Great textpectations • 50 ways to fail on TwitterAre you sick of Charlie Sheen? There's an app for that! • Well now I REALLY want a dress like this • How can I get him to be more romanticThe gym and me...a rocky relationship • Are you excited for Jane Eyre? MORE LINKS AFTER THE JUMP


    I am a freshman in college. I have been dating my high school boyfriend for more than a year now. He is everything I ever wanted in a guy and so ideal. He is so nice, patient, and kind. I had even been thinking about marrying him down the road. I could picture us together and I really thought that I loved him.

  • 9 Mistakes Everyone Makes on Their First Date— and How to Avoid Them

    Ahhhhh, the first date. It can be the start of something great or can easily take a quick turn down the crapper. You may have thought the date went as perfect as can be but if Mr. Lover Boy hasn’t called you back for another one in over three days, chances are it didn’t.

  • Top 5 Modern College Norms Parents Will Never Understand

    As a college student I’ve learned that there are just some things that parents will never understand. And I'm not talking about how to change their profile pictures or how to DVR The Closer. I'm talking about the way life is now, the way we college students communicate and socialize and hook-up.

  • Resolutions for the Annoying People in Your Life

    It’s almost the big 20-11 and that means it’s time to make your list of New Year’s Resolutions. Or more importantly make resolutions for all the absolutely annoying people around you -- or should we say, resolutions to help you deal with them better. You know, so you don't strangle anyone this year.

  • Glamour Says The Darndest Things: December Edition

    For an issue that is supposed to be inspiring women, I was feeling pretty dejected reading through it. Glamour made me feel skanky, unhygienic, and sexually unadventurous. And then I came across an article that was so absurd that I had no choice but to feel a lot better about myself because at least I'm not clueless enough to take this advice seriously.