• 10 Craziest Moments in Real Housewives History

    The Real Housewives series has captivated many viewers not for the wholesome family values they think they’re teaching America (Manzo’s aside), but for how bat sh*t crazy these females and their respective husbands are. Obviously every episode is a journey to the psych ward (why else would we watch?), but here are 10 of their craziest shining moments...

  • The Ultimate Real Housewives House

    Survivor has done it. Top Chef has done it. And now it’s time for us to do it. Well, sort of. Actually it’s more a suggestion, one we're offering up to the Bravo powers that be because frankly, we don’t think they have the creativity necessary to come up with such a brilliant idea. Enough with the Real Housewives of New York. Forget cities. Think personalities.

  • The Weekly Ten: Best Real Housewives Moments

    Here at CollegeCandy, we're suckers for a good trashy reality show. Which is why I've decided to highlight my favorite trashy reality franchise: The Real Housewives. It's the The Hills in 30+ years, chock full of cougars, bubbies, designer clothes and countless bottles of Pinot Grigio. What's not to love? Well, besides annoying-ass Vicki Gundelson...

  • Reality “Stars” Are Making Bank

    Lately I’ve been trying to come up with some get-rich-quick schemes in order to keep me off the streets and support my addictions – shopping and sushi. Apparently, in this day an age, all a girl has to do is invest in some hair extensions and an upgrade in boob size in order to make her millions.

  • The Weekly Wrap Up: The Week Of Hell

    It's been one hell of a week. Literally. The mixture of heat and humidity outside is paralleled only in Satan's world, and the frizz ball that is my head makes me think someone upstairs is very, very upset with me. But, besides all that, I guess the week wasn't too bad as we wrapped up July, CollegeCandy style.

  • Candy Dish: Welcome Back, Hot-lanta Housewives!

    • OMG, we can't wait for some more NeNe dramz. • The worst swimsuits of the summer. • Yay! Michael Cera is single. • We're in love with chunky chain necklaces. LOVE. • Lady Gaga shows her nip nips. • Is Cornell the real-world Hogwarts?

  • I’m Torn: The Real Housewives

    Anyone who knows me knows not to call on Tuesday nights. Not only is it Biggest Loser night, but it also happens to be the best night of my week because of one thing only: The Real Housewives. I don't care if they are from Orange County, Hot-lanta or New York, I can't get enough of these women.