• Candy Dish: Taylor Swift Is Intriguing

    • At least according to People magazine. • A new job for Tiger Woods? • Is Kevin Jonas getting married this weekend? • Chris Henry's untimely death is all sorts of messed up. • So that's how Victoria Beckham stays so trim. • Bring on the Kardashian baby-daddy drama!

  • Candy Dish: This Tiger Woods Business is Getting Absurd

    • The guy's a dog, but really? Jessica Simpson? • Oh and Tiger's named husband athlete of the year. • The Twilight boys get their own mag?! • 4 jackets to top off those holiday outfits. • Top Chef's Kevin is single, ladies! • Holy hair, Rachel McAdams.

  • Universities Pimp Students For The Win?

    I understand the glory that comes with watching a winning team. And, thanks to the past couple of seasons, I am learning the pain associated with watching a losing one. So I get that coaches would do whatever it takes to build a team that wins. But what I don't get is the shady recruiting process I've recently learned about known as The Hostess.

  • 5 Hollywood Hunks We Don’t Want In Our Beds

    If we’ve learned anything from this whole Tiger Woods debacle, it’s that some women simply can’t resist the glory of sleeping with a celebrity. And who can really blame them? You put Chase Crawford in front of me and there’s no telling what I would do in order to get him undressed and into my bed. And if it takes heavy drugs and a blindfold, so be it.

  • Candy Dish: Chris Brown is Getting Angry

    • Chris Brown is so over the Rihanna thing, OK? • Kim Zolciak still thinks she can sing. • So, Tiger Woods used escorts? • Students still freaking out about the job hunt. • P Diddy was an elementary school pimp. • Time to rock winter's hottest trends.

  • Duke It Out: Call Girls vs. Mistresses

    With Tiger's ladies coming out of the woodwork (seriously Tiger, where did you find the time?) and Ashley Dupre telling everyone who'll listen that call girls - *ahem*, escorts - save marriages, it seems like everybody is weighing in on infidelity - and we are not about to be left out!

  • Candy Dish: Rihanna Gets Inked

    • Is it just me or is something wrong with Rihanna's new tat? • Get ready for Lilo, India! • Which college towns are the smartest? • Gatorade dumps Tiger Woods. • R. Kelly wants to be understood, dammit. • Book teaches how to date men. Does it work?

  • Candy Dish: SNL does Tiger Woods

    • And they do it well. • Babies are funny. • Oh no, Alexa Joel. We hope she's OK. • Sex will make you healthy. • What are the most-watched shows of the decade? • It's easier to bruise a dude's ego than we thought.

  • Easy, Tiger

    By now, the sordid details of Tiger Woods’s first major scandal are familiar to anyone who keeps up with celebrity gossip: the mysterious car accident! The golf-club wielding wife! The alleged mistress, who says that being asked about her relationship to the golf legend is like being asked “to comment if there are aliens on Earth”! The whole mess is shaping up to be the biggest tabloid story this side of Jen, Angelina, and Brad.

  • Candy Dish: More Bad News for Adam Lambert

    • ABC hates Adam Lambert. • Dude, I'd stay with Tiger Woods for $60 million! • Who has the worst album covers of 2009? • Quick fixes for perfect brows. • Jersey Shore is totes legit, says one NJ Italiano. • Lady Gaga is more than a pretty face (behind a veil of lace).

  • Candy Dish: Can We Talk About Something Besides Tiger?

    • Yeah, he's a tad shady. Can we move on? • Damn, QVC has a lot of great shiz. • Is that a Snuggie, Jessica Simpson? • So that's what makes for bad sex. • Everyone wants to see Lady Gaga. • Is loneliness contagious?

  • Candy Dish: Former Miss Argentina Dies from Butt Implants?

    • Would you die for butt implants? • Tiger Woods is really getting around. • Damn! Now THAT's a diamond. • Alec Baldwin better not ruin 30 Rock. • Ooooo! Harry Potter is gonna get saucy! • Ew. Bus drivers are gross.

  • Candy Dish: Taylor Lautner Likes Girls, OK?

    • Just want to clear that up. • Tiger Woods ain't talkin. • The Muppets are better than Queen. • 5 couples destroyed by reality TV. • This couple actually made me barf. • Could Gwen Stefani's family be any cuter?

  • Candy Dish: It’s a Good Thing Emma Watson Wears Undies

    • We don't need another Britney sitch.Justin Timberlake thinks he's the next Tiger Woods. • America hearts beastiality? • So that's why Michael Jackson wore the glove? • And you thought your sunburn was bad? • Don't wanna shower? Try a dry shampoo.

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    Such a sweet and talented boy (who loves puppies!) and how he’s in the clink. Blink 182 is b…

  • USA Today Claims Black Women Are “Dating Out”

    “In 2004, 26.5% of black males ages 18 to 24 were enrolled in college versus 36.5% of black women t…

  • The Forbes Celebrity 100

    Remember senior superlatives? Ya know, who was best dressed, most outgoing, best looking, etc…