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Feb 3, 2010

Web Spy: The Weather Stylist

Getting dressed in the morning is always such a hassle: finding an outfit among the array of shirts, pants, skirts, sweaters, shoes, and belts in your closet that's both stylish and weather-appropriate is both stressful and time-consuming. Usually, I spend about 10 minutes watching the weather channel with my closet doors open, hoping for inspiration, only to just throw on another tee-cardigan-jeans combination.

Jan 13, 2010

Candy Dish: Move Over Tiger, Shaq’s Coming

• Is Shaq the next Tiger Woods? • Conan rips NBC a new...well, you know. • Simon and Paula may be together again! • Wanna travel more? Try a little of this. • Work out tips from Kristin Cavallari. • What's on Obama's DVR?

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Dec 28, 2009

Thanks a Lot, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

While many of us were opening presents and eating mom's homemade breakfast in our Christmas pajamas on December 25th, there were some people out there who were just not feelin' the Christmas spirit. Like, I don't know, the man who attempted to blow up a Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit?

Dec 24, 2009

Candy Dish: Amy Winehouse In Trouble Again

Amy Winehouse needs to stop beating people up. • The most under-reported stories of 2009. • Does the "nice guy" even exist? • Well, these posters are a bit insensitive now... • Is it worth it to travel in your 20s? • Balloon boy's parents are sentenced.

Nov 13, 2009

Duke It Out: Study Abroad

The time has come once again to start picking classes for spring semester (really? didn't we just do this?) and my mind turns to places that won't be covered in grey slush come January. Places with warm, sunny vistas and boys with sexy accents. In other words, places abroad.

Aug 14, 2009

The CC Weekly Weigh In: We Want A Do-Over!

No matter how much we all love college, I know that everyone has that one thing they'd like to do-over. Being that we're all heading back to campus in a few weeks (Oh wait, not me. Sigh.), I asked the CollegeCandy writers to share their do-over wish lists so no one else has to make the same mistakes we did.

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Jun 15, 2009

Why You Should…Go To Japan

Let's look at the facts - our economy is bad, everyone is cutting back, no one has money (maybe that's just me), and even the weather is bad. If there was ever a time that vacations were needed, it's now. Whatever happened to the glory days of the traditional random college backpacking trip or the "I need to find myself" adventure to who-knows-where? Well, go find yourself! Actually, I already found you - you're in Japan.

Miss Manners: Airplane Etiquette

For those of you who spend their flights on iPods, reading, or trying desperately to occupy themselves while stuck in a metal tube for a few hours with a hundred strangers, there are a some rules you should observe. So, sit back, relax, and listen up. Here comes the airplane etiquette:

Jun 3, 2009

I’m Torn: Summer School

Ahhh, summer. The sweet, glorious days of summer. Days spent lounging by the pool, building sandcastles at the beach, or lying in bed all day watching old episodes of The OC on Soap Net. School's finally out, and since the last long vacation you had was winter break, you're ready for some of mom's home cooking and not getting up from your bed. Ever.

Get Your Degree and Get Outta Here!

There are a few normal things to do after you graduate: 1. Get a job. 2. Go to grad school. 3. Live at home and freak out about the future.

May 2, 2009

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Apr 22, 2009

Money Matters: Smart Splurges in Celebration of Your Tax Refund

Overall, this is sad, but in a couple of weeks I'll be getting nearly a G in tax returns. Yeah, that's a crapload of money. But when I look back at all the hours I worked in 2008, it also makes me realize... I made jack sh*t.

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Apr 10, 2009

Candy Dish: A Speidi Wedding… For Real?

•Save the date, Spiedi's really getting married. •Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are over. Again. •There's still time to decorate your dorm for Easter. •Save time with these multi-tasking beauty products. •Going away for the holiday? Check out these celeb airport trends.

Mar 8, 2009

You Ready for Spring Break?

Ready for Spring Break? Yes, I am even talking to the 50% of you college students who are staying home...

Mar 5, 2009

Makeup 101: Makeup Cases to Travel the Nation

I’ve already expressed how jealous I am of all you sunny spring-break travelers (recap: sooo jealous), but I’m going to...

Feb 28, 2009

Planning a Safe and Purse-Friendly European Vacation

Trying to plan a spring break trip to Europe that won’t leave you broke? Good luck; those things are expensive!...

Feb 23, 2009

Oh the People You’ll Meet: The Empathetic Activist

College brings a whole lot of new experiences, new lessons and new people. But it seems that no matter what...

Feb 18, 2009

Do I Have “Study Abroad” Tattooed On My Forehead?

I’ve studied abroad.  But not really.  If you are currently studying abroad, or plan to in the future, I can...

Dec 18, 2008

Creative Ideas to Ring in the New Year

You’ve already got a semester of partying under your belt by the time New Years Eve rolls around. How are...

Nov 2, 2008

Dating Don’t: Breaking the Bank

I love the fantasy version of dating where everything’s shrouded in a pink mist and it rains sunshine and daisies...

Oct 25, 2008

The Love List: Have your Kindle and Your Spring Break Money, Too!

[Welcome to the fourth edition of my Weekly Love List. A list, on all things I love. Because if I...

Jul 7, 2008

Candy Dish: TMI, Amy Winehouse

Dear God, I wish I didn’t see this. Can someone please get this woman into rehab? (Or my bikini waxer?)...

May 18, 2008

Playlist: Travel Through Your Tunes

Part of the brilliant thing about music is its ability to transport you anywhere; the past, future, your ex-boyfriend’s bed,...

May 2, 2008

A Guide to Cheap Summer Travel

Planning a trip this summer? Short on cash? Here’s a quick guide to make sure you get the biggest bang...

Apr 24, 2008

9 Things Your Parents Would Get Pissed About If You Spent $500 On

– CollegeCandy & $500 AMEX Gift Card Giveaway! – If College Candy was to give you a $500 American...

Apr 17, 2008

There’s No Easy Way to Travel Writing Heaven

I’ve been on the road in Colombia for a month now and, believe me, the thought has crossed my mind...

Apr 6, 2008

Travel Lesson #3: Choose Travel Companions Wisely

I’ve had my share of eccentric travel companions, but none can top my alcoholic ex-boyfriend. On our trip to Italy,...

Mar 31, 2008

What Brochures Don’t Tell You About Studying Abroad

I never studied abroad as an undergrad–the programs my school offered always seemed pointless to me. Instead of sending us...

Feb 4, 2008

Spring Break Planning Starts Now!

Some of us might still be seeing snow outside our dorm windows, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start getting...

Jan 22, 2008

Is Your Study Abroad Office Playing Dirty?

Chances are you or someone you know has studied, or plans to study abroad. It’s a great opportunity to experience...

Nov 16, 2007

Alternate Forms of Thanksgiving Travel

My dorm closes this Wednesday for Thanksgiving break, leaving me with a major travel dilemma. I don’t have a car...

Oct 30, 2007

Everyone Should Study Abroad

I don’t have many regrets from college. I don’t regret that “B” I got in English my sophomore year because...

Oct 29, 2007

Take a Break By Couch Surfing on Facebook!

Sometimes I indulge in this fantasy where I drop every responsibility I have (damn you, student loans!) and run away...

Oct 9, 2007

Don’t Buy Another Gas Automobile. SAVE AMERICA!

In this country we tend to take everything for granted. Blaming everyone else when something goes wrong rather than take...

Jul 4, 2007

Blog Reading for Voyeurs

I’ll admit it—I’m a voyeur. Not the stand in your bushes, peer in your window type, but the naturally curious...

May 3, 2007

Peace Out! I’m Taking a Year Off!

Well, not really, but… I have always wondered what it would be like to put life on hold for a...