• Candy Dish: TV Freshmen

    •Meet the newbies of TV •Guess which 'True Blood' hunk is going full frontal in his next movie! •Make this your most romantic Labor Day ever •We cannot wait for 'The Walking Dead' to come back! •Isn't this ad a little....domestic violence-y? •Guess who's joining Britney for her European tour! •Why does Khloe Kardashian look so weird in this ad?

  • Candy Dish: Team Eric

    Alexander Skarsgard is a beautiful man •We really wish we could watch 'Teen Wolf Too' •Explaining the hierarchy of date nights5 guy friends every girl needs •Makeup tips for girls who wear glasses •Demi Lovato's meltdown was not Joe Jonas' fault •The celebrity fans of Bethenny Frankel's Skinny Girl drinks

  • Candy Dish: No Shirt, No Problem

    •Yum...the shirtless hunks of 'True Blood' •10 Things we really wanted as kids •Closing the orgasm gap •Our favorite pop culture virgins •9 easy remedies for your period issues •Are we screwed by our gender stereotypes? •The greatest of postsecrets

  • Candy Dish: Professor of Sexiness

    •True Blood Hottie Alexander Skarsgard receives an honorary degree •How to keep sex fresh and interesting •The knockoff version of Joie 'Leo' sandals won't break your bank •Hollywood sure like to release similar films...at the same timeKim Kardashian is suing Old Navy because they used a doppelganger? •Stars who got naked for their shows •8 essential laid back items

  • Candy Dish: Who’s The Bigger Diva?

    •Are Britney and Nicki Minaj fighting on tour? •Tips for making a summer fling work •The best flirty skirts for the summer •3 Ways to protect and treat your hair •How to beat the heat through food •Ohemgee! Conan's lookalike is the little girl from 'Mary Poppins' •The debate over which comic book heroes are better

  • Candy Dish: Waiting Sucks

    •The cast of 'True Blood' is here to help your...withdrawals

    •Random hotties in t-shirts •Steve Jobs has an awesome way of dealing with stupid questions •Charlie Sheen's allowed back on network TV?! •Staying office-appropriate on scorching hot days •How to make summer last •Who's side are you on for the 'RH of OC'?

  • Candy Dish: The Real Summer ‘Shore’

    •Get ready: 'The Jersey Shore' has a premiere date for this summer •10 Celebrities who took psychic predictions to heart •The 'Breaking Dawn' Trailer gets leaked! •A field guide to the best cardigans •We're not sure how we feel about a 3D porn film  •8 Ways to be a social butterfly at parties •How to get Pippa Middleton's casual spring look

  • Candy Dish: Real Housewives, Eh?

    •Canada's getting it's own 'Real Housewives' francise •There must be a new season of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' coming up •The details of Will and Kate's trip to North America •3 Ways to make him fall for you •These movie posters make us really excited for summer movie season •How to dress like LeAnn Rimes and Minka Kelly •And a heart breaking story from an inspiring woman  

  • Candy Dish: The Sylvester Zinger

    •Insult like a pro with the Sue Sylvester insult generator •10 TV Characters who've experienced an STD •The new 'True Blood' posters are really, really hot •So...we're kind of excited about the new 'Smurfs' movie •Always wanted to know what a college orgy was like? •Some hot men gifs to make your day better •How to colorblock like Pippa Middleton

  • Candy Dish: Angelina Jolie Is Sexy….Did You Know?

    • Angelina Jolie playing a sexy icon isn't really a stretchDr. Spaceman fails in his new show • Makeup tutorial inspired by trashy Youtube stars • Men loves these colors most? Sure. • Must. Buy. This.This headline makes me want to puke

  • Duke It Out: Vampires

    Eclipse is out, True Blood is back and there's a veritable smorgasbord of undead hotties floating around right now in all their pale, gorgeous glory.

  • 10 Hottie Vampires That Paved the Way for Edward Cullen

    In case you've been hiding under a rock these past few weeks and haven't heard the shrieks of 8-year-old girls and 45-year-old women everywhere, Eclipse is coming out in two days. Yes, on Wednesday we will have yet another opportunity to watch Bella get herself into trouble that requires her two loves to come and save her. AKA watch two sexy shirtless men run around for an hour and a half.

  • Coupled. And Fighting Over the Remote

    I don’t know about you guys, but when I get home after a long day of interning, working, and gymming, all I want to do is eat dinner and zone out to one of the thousands of Real Housewives or Say Yes to the Dress episodes I have DVR’ed. Unfortunately, my live-in boyfriend isn’t on the same page. Especially now that it’s baseball season.

  • The Gossip Cheat Sheet: Break Ups, Engagements, and (Alleged) Sex Tapes

    There has been a lot of relationship news this week, and for once it's not ALL about Sandra/Jesse and Elin/Tiger. I can't tell you how relieved I am to read stories about other celebs!00 Not that I wanted to hear about Tiki Barber cheating on his pregnant (with twins) wife with an NBC intern.... in her dorm room. What is wrong with these men?!

  • The Bookworm Gift Guide

    As a bookworm myself, I always appreciate thoughtful gifts that I will use. And, yeah, I can appreciate a good bookstore gift card now and then, but there are so many other creative gifts out there that are way better. Unless you are a book worm yourself, it's hard to get a gift that this nerdy friend of yours will actually like and use! So, let me help you.

  • Weekly Ten: The 10 TV Females We Wish We Were

    This week, in light of the ever-riveting Emmys, I've decided to countdown the ten primetime ladies that I wish I could be in real life. Most of them are from currently aired shows, but of course I had to let some of my canceled favorites slip by.

  • Who’s Your Boob Tube Boyfriend?

    When real-world guys just don’t do it for us, we love to escape to our favorite TV shows and live vicariously through the ladies with great boyfriends, even with all the baggage and dramz. There’s just something about leading men that makes us go crazy with adoration/jealousy/excitement/OMG-THEY-FINALLY-GOT-TOGETHER!

  • I Want My Fall TV Lineup, Dammit!

    While flipping through the channels last night during primetime, I discovered the real reason why our favorite shows go off the air during the summer: to make way for the sh*tshow that is summer television, which leaves us begging for The Office and House come September.