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  • Oscars Liveblog

    Oscars Liveblog

    The time has come! After hours upon hours in dark movie theaters, countless boxes of Sour Patch Kids and probably 17 Rachel Zoe red carpet dress meltdowns (literally), The 83rd Annual Academy Awards are finally here! And we couldn't be more excited - for the couture, for the Best Film category, and for the delicious Thai food we just had delivered (Love you, fresh rolls!).

  • The 83rd Annual Academy Awards: A Cheat Sheet

    The 83rd Annual Academy Awards: A Cheat Sheet

    You may not know by now, but I’m a movie nerd. In fact, I have seen all of the films nominated for Best Picture this year at the Academy Awards. Which brings us to why we’re here: I’m going to help those of you who didn’t want to spend a million dollars at the theater last year, but still want to impress at your Oscar party guests.

  • Who Won’t Be Thanking the Academy This Year

    Who Won’t Be Thanking the Academy This Year

    The Oscar nominations are in. And the claws are out. Once the Academy Award nominations are public knowledge you expect there to be gossip, some hurt feelings, some angry fans, and some shocked directors. But this year, things have gone a little too far.

  • Now Showing: True Grit

    Now Showing: True Grit

    Confession: I don’t do well with Westerns. And maybe that sentence makes no sense to you. But I’m thinking that the majority of people reading this review also conjure up images of confusing plotlines, boring shootouts, and racism when they hear the word “Western.” But, all that being said, I loved True Grit.