• Your Guide to the Best of the Bowl Games

    For millions of Americans, the holiday season isn’t only a magical time because of the standard stocking stuffers and gingerbread houses, but also because it means college football bowl season is here (!!!!).

  • UConn Women’s Basketball Team Breaks Records, No One Cares?

    Our hats go off to the UConn women's basketball team for winning their 89th consecutive game! This latest win makes these talented ladies the winningest team in NCAA basketball history, topping the 88-game winning streak set in the 1970s by the UCLA men's basketball team.

  • The Rival Rundown: UConn vs Tennessee

    This week we deviate from our typical Rival Rundown in two ways. First, we'll be covering a (women's!) basketball rivalry, as the athletic calendar moves into a new season. Second, this rivalry--between the University of Connecticut and the University of Tennessee--has been canceled!

  • Overheard: Nothing Lewd About It

    [Every week, CC and John bring you some of the weirdest, funniest, saddest things he hears on his college campus. Join the Overheard revolution!Leave your own overheard convos in the comments or send ‘em over!]

  • The Big Dance: Day 1

    And so it begins. After 11 long, tortuous, pain-staking months of waiting... the Big Dance is finally here.

  • Proven: If You’re Athletic, You Don’t Have to Be Smart

    In 2008′s least shocking expose, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution dredged the sweat-…