• How Do I Tell Him I’m Bored In Bed? [Ask A Dude]

    My boyfriend is super sweet and we’ve been together for over a year now and I feel really bad even thinking this, but he has gotten kind of boring in bed. I wonder if he is less attracted to me or if I’m just bored of his usual moves.

  • 12 Vibrators Shaped Like Something Else [Photos]

    Vibrators are fun. Flickin' the good ole bean shouldn't be a source of shame, still having your roommate or parent find your "special drawer" can be kind of embarrassing. Lucky for us the sex toy industry is ripe with discrete vibrators.

  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Yourself: The Ultimate CC Sex Toy Review

    I'm totally up for reclaiming Valentine's Day and making it about sexy self-indulgence. That's definitely something our society doesn't value nearly as much as it should; and I mean, who isn't in love with feeling sexy and sensual, whether it's for a partner or for yourself?

  • Candy Dish: Oh God!

    •Finding God in a vibrator •Meet Lady Gaga's sexy new bad romance •The best kisses from TV •3 festive cocktails for NYE •Songs to make out to on New Years •Did anyone keep their New Year's Resolutions?

  • Oh My God, It’s OhMiBod

    We at CollegeCandy are huge proponents of masturbation. We love it so much we'd shout it from the rooftops... that is if we were willing stop doin' it and actually climb up to the rooftop. The topic maybe a bit taboo to many, but it shouldn't be. Besides the mere pleasure of it all, there are so many wonderful benefits of a little self-stimulation: it helps you sleep, it helps with cramps, it helps your sexy time encounters....

  • Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day

    For us single girls, Valentine's Day can seriously suck. Even if you love being single, all the PDA (puke), listening to what your coupled friend's boyfriend did or (more likely) didn't buy them, and the concerned phone call from your mom checking up on you, gets real old, real fast.

  • Overheard: Son of Sam Eagle

    (Two guys, in the lunchroom.) Guy 1: I'll give you a hint. His name rhymes with Awesome. Guy 2: Plawsome. Guy 1: No.

  • Tele-DILDO-nics: CyberSex to the Next Power

    Picture this: being able to control your partner’s sex toy during a steamy cyber hook-up…

  • SaSi: Vibrator – 1, Guys – 0

    Alright, alright. We all know that I love sex. Hell, half of our readers commonly engage in calli…

  • I Swear It’s NOT What You Think It Is. …Okay, Maybe It Is

    Let’s face it; we’ve gotten to a point in time where “sex” comes into conversation…

  • My New Obsession: The Container Store

    I have no damn space. I swear my ass may get stuck in my own hallway if I eat another Cadbury Egg. Lik…

  • Sex Toy Shopping Pt. 2: Horror In Latex (NSFW)

    Sex toys are great. They’re empowering. They’re sexy. They help you to figure out your body and h…

  • Sex Toy Shopping Pt. 1: Best of Show

    Breaking news: orgasms are fun. They’re so much fun, in fact, that the pursuit of orgasm is respo…

  • Vibrators: the NEW adult “toys”

    Since it isn’t the real thing, I suppose it doesn’t need to look like the real thing…

  • These Are Some Crafty Bitches: Indie Accessories & Clothes

    Growing up I always had a “Craft drawer”, full of pipe cleaners, beads, feathers,…

  • An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

    There are a lot of ailments I would consider to be terribly tragic. Today, I have added anorgasmi

  • I Touch Myself: A Girl’s Guide To Masturbation

    Masturbation. Couldn’t someone think of a cooler term to describe getting yourself off…