• Getting To Know The 4 Newest Female Senators

    Yesterday marked another achievement in history: the 113th Congress will welcome four new female Senators into the fold. There will now be at least 19 women serving in the Senate, making this the largest group of women that has ever served.

  • Sex in the News: Violence Against Women Act

    One Republican woman joined a group of mostly Democratic senators late last week to try and convince Republicans to support an extended version of the Violence Against Women Act. The act started as a bill created in 1994 to provide money for "emergency shelters, counseling, rape crisis centers, and legal services for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking."

  • Sex in the News: Let’s Make it Better

    A female high school student was asked to leave a school dance because she brought a girl as a date. Equality Utah instructed the student to contact the ACLU. Based on previous court precedence under the First Amendment banning a same-sex couple is a violation of equal rights.

  • The Pubic Problem

    A few weeks ago, CollegeCandy posted a piece on How to Have the Best Vaginia in Town, a post that featured a number of ridiculous, but real vajazzling techniques (which by the way was not supposed to be taken as serious suggestions). But even with so many crazy options to choose from, the issue that really took over the comments was the idea of waxing at all.

  • College Teams Search for Loopholes in Title IX

    I think we can all agree that college sports are a big deal. Whether it be March Madness or school rivalries or outstanding athletes, college sports are definitely worth commending. But even the best institutions have their issues and like many institutions before them some of the largest issues surrounding college sports right now are surrounding gender equality and Title IX.

  • USC Frat E-mail Shocks and Appalls, But I’m Just Appalled

    Behind closed doors, when guys aren’t trying to score a “Guap n' Drop” by taking women out to dinner and pretending like they actually believe they are human beings, this is how a lot of men talk. Not all men, but a lot of them, and especially a lot of college guys who have yet to reach the stage of wanting a real relationship and are only concerned with scoring “pies”.

  • Are We Equal? Daniel Craig Wants to Know

    Why did it take Daniel Craig dressing up like a woman to get people to notice this? March 8 is International Women’s Day and I didn’t know that, either. And I know it's Women’s History month because CollegeCandy told me it is. But what about the rest of the world?

  • Sex in the News: Planned Parenthood & Abortion Law

    The House in Arizona passed a bill to ban abortions performed on the basis of race or sex. This means women would have to justify the reason they want to have an abortion. This is especially problematic because a selective body could try and target a women's race as the reason she wants an abortion rather than the fact that maybe she can't afford to support a child at that stage in her life.

  • Take Action to End Violence Against Women

    One of the most important issues we are facing today is violence against women. Based on data available, 70 percent of women experience physical or sexual violence from men in their lifetime. This staggering number alone stresses the importance of heightened awareness, and increased action toward ending violence against women

  • The Doctor Is In: Uncomfortable With Sex

    Q: I feel very uncomfortable with all things sex. I am not very experienced and get really nervous when the opportunity arises. How can I fix that?