• Umm…You Can Get a Body Like Kristin Cavallari’s in 20 Minutes?

    Well, it seems that's not the case. Kristin Cavallari said that she only works out FOUR times a week for about 20-ish minutes. GASP!

  • Kick Off A Healthy New Year In Style! [8 Under $20]

    It's important to go to the gym feeling confident and in some of the greatest looking (and most affordable!) workout gear, you're sure to achieve that. I found some of my favorite looks this week from Under Armour, Nike, Athletica, and more all for less than $20.

  • The Four Weeks Of Fitness Countdown: Week 1 [CC's ShapeU]

    For all four Tuesdays in December, there will be an awesome, holiday-themed workout to get you pumped and ready for whatever occasion you're celebrating. Steal away from wrapping gifts, baking festive cookies and playing with your Hanukkah armadillo to make sure you keep fitness in mind for the holidays!

  • Tighten and Tone Your Butt [CC's ShapeU]

    Whether you're tired of magazines saying flat butts are the thing, or you just want to shake your healthy butt, try out this workout for your glutes, and never be embarrassed to check yourself out again!

  • Half Marathon Training Takes Up A Lot of Time [One Month Challenge]

    This is seriously cutting into my social life! I'm in Boston this weekend, and it was very difficult to wake up yesterday morning while the rest of our crew slept in, so I could get a run in before brunch.

  • Cheat on Your Girlfriend [WTF Friday]

    I came across a picture of an advertisement that really really just blew me away!

  • 100 Push Ups Per Day! – Week 1 [One Month Challenge]

    I’m no longer in the most immaculate shape of my life. I was at one point. Second semester of Freshman year I was in that frickin’ gym 4 times a week, sometimes 5. Now, years later, I have a job -- 3 jobs in fact -- and I’ve got bills to pay, and an apartment to not get kicked out of, and what’s one of the first things that went by the wayside as I entered adulthood? Gym membership!

  • 10 Mistakes You’re Making at the Gym

    Like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. In fact, our flame is so hot and cold that I sometimes I stare at the door the entire time I'm working out, counting down the minutes 'til it's time to leave. There are, of course, other days where I am so excited to go to the gym its like okay, who put the steroids in my coffee?

  • Candy Dish: Healthy Candy

    • Working out to adjust to the time changeSnack on kale chips instead of potato chips • 11 exercise myths busted • Does pink slime freak you out?

  • Need: Nike + FuelBand

    Okay, I'm not usually one for seemingly unnecessary workout accessories. I'm perfectly fine with my yoga mat and iPod Nano. I bought into the Power Balance band thing last year, and while it did kind of work it was definitely more of a placebo effect than anything else.

  • Getting Fit Has Never Been So Sweet

    Here at CollegeCandy, we like to think we're experts in a few key areas: budget fashion, sex, budget sex and college fitness. That's why when FitSugar asked us to help them put together a post on keeping fit during those tricky undergrad years, we immediately blurted out, "Wear that cute dress you got on sale last weekend and go bang some hot dude until you sweat out all the beer you consumed the night before!!!"

  • CollegeCandy Investigates: Does Slim Fast Work?

    I have always been a fan of any quick fix diet plan. If there was a pill that would melt away pounds within a day, I would be first in line to buy it. So when I was perusing the web one day and happened upon the Slim Fast website, I saw an opportunity and ran with it. After all it has 'fast' and 'slim' in the name, so how bad could it be?

  • Web Spy: WalkJogRun

    I always have a difficult time staying motivated about working out. The problem is, I'm lazy, so the hardest part is actually just getting out of bed early or getting my butt off the sofa to drive to the gym and work out. Since I have a hard time dragging myself to the gym, I'm trying to stay in shape by running around my neighborhood. I still don't do that as often as I should, but it works for me, since it doesn't require me to go anywhere except out my front door.

  • Body Blog: A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

    Have you ever stayed up all night studying for a final? Blood shot eyes, empty coffee cups, pages and pages of notes...you know, the works. Do you remember sitting there wishing you had diligently studied all semester long, gone to class or stayed awake during the Powerpoint presentation? Well, I'm here to let you know that just like studying, the same goes for good health and fitness.

  • One Month Challenge: Gymvember, Week Four

    After dealing with the turmoil of a breakup, the impending holiday season, the bitter cold and the death of my beloved aunt, the only thing getting me through were my workouts. That's right, while the rest of the world was going for pumpkin pie, I was skipping dessert and smashing up the elliptical.

  • One Month Challenge: Gymvember, Week 3

    [Everyone’s got a vice, a bad habit, something they know they need to change. Unfortunately, ev…

  • One Month Challenge: Gymvember, Week Two

    So I've made it through week two, and surprisingly, it's gotten better every day. I've been pushing myself and have discovered the joys of OnDemand exercise videos featuring Jillian Michaels, which I use to warm up before I put in my time at the gym. I asked you all last week for some tips and tricks to get through this and I was overwhelmed with the responses.

  • One Month Challenge: Gymvember, Week One

    How often do I go to the gym lately? I guess I would use the word "sparingly." Since starting a full-time job, my fitness has taken a backseat to schoolwork, regular work and all the lovely stresses of living in New York City. Never mind the fact that I live in an apartment building with a gym.

  • Diagnosis: “Drunkorexia?”

    To parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and writers of The Denver Post, Thank you so much for your concern about my supposed “drunkorexia,” which is apparently the deliberate decision to eat less food on days destined for drunken debauchery. Though this is not an official medical term, it has been noted in Colorado as a recent “growing trend” among college women.

  • 10 Columbus-style Discoveries Every College Student Needs to Make

    One fateful day back in the pre-Facebook days, Christopher Columbus "discovered" America. Much like you discovered that wearing a scarf around campus on a 75 degree day would not stop the hickey rumors from floating around. And we're sure that's not the only discovery that you've made since attending college.

  • 10 Most Underrated Things About College

    September is coming at us full force and for the first time in 15 years, it means absolutely nothing to me. Yup, as a jobless, broke, living on my parents' couch college graduate I'm not going back to school this year. It's weird. It's confusing. It's really, really sad. [She says as she sighs deeply and bites her quivering lip, crying into her empty planner.]

  • Body Blog: Why Weight Loss Hits the Wayside

    I am destined to be big-boned. That practically became my mantra throughout high school as day after day I sat next to my beautiful, svelte friends and felt like a blob. While I clearly couldn’t metabolize chocolate-covered pretzels and pizza like they could, looking back I realize that even I slimmed down just by correcting a few errors in thinking.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: Mama Wants a Margarita

    Wow, what a week! If it weren't for the Fraps-your-way at Starbucks, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it out alive. But after a long week full of long-ass lines to get the new iPhone, extreme heat, long hours at the summer job and getting this shocking/disturbing nugget of info, I survived.

  • What Man Does To Woo The Woman

    A while back I read a column written by the CC Staff listing 7 habits/tactics that women have engrained into their everyday lives that they utilize to “play the game” of attracting men. As far as men trying to attract the opposite sex it was said, “…men have it easy. As far as I know, they approach you and whip out the pick-up line. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.”

  • It’s Alcohol Awareness Month – Are You Aware of Alcohol?

    Once Thursday rolls around, college students are ready and raring to hit the juice and let loose. After spending countless hours primping and priming for a night out, you mix your first drinkie and your second, your third. You dance the night away to Rihanna and take advantage of the bar deals until you've lost count of the drinks you've had and you're visiting your cupboards for some Easy Mac.