• Performance Style

    Women are always complaining about making daytime clothes appropriate for nighttime extravaganzas, but HELLO! Making sweaty sports clothes look appropriate, and even stylish, for school is a much harder challenge. Thankfully, it’s totally possible.

  • Budget Stylista: From The Gym to the Street

    Let's face it, looking cute for a workout is often a challenge. Actually, it's a total after-thought. You wake up, grab the first oversized t-shirt you can find and stumble to the gym in a haze, never giving much thought to what you look like or what your plans are after you tighten your core.

  • 8 Under $20: Workout Clothes [GALLERY]

    In order to motivate myself to work out, I've decided to buy myself some cute new workout clothes. The idea is that I'll feel obligated to use the clothes since I spent money on them, and I'll also want to show off how cute I look in my new workout gear.

  • Holiday Gift Guide: For The Health Freak [GALLERY]

    She works out 6 days a week. She avoids the dessert buffet in the cafeteria. Her favorite hobbies on Facebook include running, yoga and lunges (and do not include brownies, TV marathons or couch time). She has magazine subscriptions to Shape and Self and her bookshelf looks like one you'd see in Jillian Michaels' home library. And you have no freaking clue what to get her for the holidays.

  • Fashion Porn: Athletic Wear Orgy

    There's usually anxiety surrounding your first time each year in a bikini, meaning it's time to hit the gym (if you haven't already started.) While you may dread going to the gym even more than putting on a swimsuit, there are so many fun ways to get into shape now that it's warm out. There's hooping, tennis (with the best clothes EVER!), soccer, jogging, rollerblading and much, much more.

  • From CollegeFashion: 5 Chic Essentials for Working Out

    Inspired by my own new exercise routine, I have come up with a list of essentials for anyone who is planning on exercising regularly this summer. Of course, these items are not only useful, but in the spirit of fashion they are also adorable and can really make a statement at the gym!

  • Wardrobe Wish List: Victoria’s Secret Yoga Knot-Waist Foldover Pant

    So…I’m really proud of myself. I’m not trying to brag or anything (okay maybe I am, but, hey, we all need a little pat on the back once in a while), but for once in my life I have actually managed to keep my “stop being a fat-ass and go to the gym” News Year's resolution.

  • 8 Under $20: Heavenly Couture

    It's no secret that you can easily find stylish looks for under $20 all over the place. From Forever 21 to Wet Seal, us gals know where to go for the deals. Occasionally, though, my quest for cuteness leads me to a website I've never heard of that has some great finds, like this one: Heavenly Couture. Nothing on this site is over $17.95. Nothing!

  • Wardrobe Wish List: Lululemon Speed Shorts

    Lululemon, creator of the most amazing pants in the universe, is introducing a new line specifically for runners/people who get out of the yoga studio! Now we can reserve our one pair of Groove pants for Saturday nights (what? They make your butt look amazing) and hit the gym in something a little more refreshing Sunday morning.

  • Budget Stylista: Budget Buys for a Bangin Bod

    The good news is its not too late to get moving. And what's more motivating than knowing you look damn good in your workout clothes? Nothing. Well, maybe that cute guy in the gym who will be seeing you in said cute workout clothes.

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    Whether you’re new to yoga or an old pro, nothing makes you want to get up and get your Om on like a cu…

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    I’m a runner and, as such, I like to have nice, practical (yet cute!), and comfortable clothes to…