• Being Single Is Making Me Fat

    When I broke up with my last boyfriend I was ecstatic to have my personal time back. It had been a long time since I'd had my own routine and I couldn't wait to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. I had grand plans of daily visits to the gym, cooking my weird healthy meals and eating them on the couch while watching marathons of Say Yes To The Dress.

  • Body Blog: Quick and Easy Full-Body Bench Tone Up

    Typically, the weight room on college campuses is the “man’s domain” (as we control the cardio machine kingdom), so walking in there - never-mind actually using different machines while frat guys look on with tongues hanging out - seems less than appealing for many women. You think I'm gonna do some squats while that meat head looks on? No thank you.

  • Candy Dish: Levi Johnston is a Twitter Poet

    • Who knew Levi Johnston was so poetic? • Who's Adam Lambert's new man?? • Wanna win some diamonds!? • Morning workouts burn more calories. • Lady Gaga does Gossip Girl. • 6 must-wear textiles for right now.

  • We’ve All Been There: The Workout Aches

    Between the nightly orders of cheese fries and the daily “I’m too tired/busy/stressed/wrapped up in this Friends marathon to go to the gym” you’ve let yourself go. And based on how much work it takes to get those bootcuts over your thighs, it’s all beginning to catch up with you. So when Sunday rolls around you put your (chubby) foot down and decide it’s time to get back in gear.

  • Body Blog: The Real Reason You Didn’t Work Out

    You know those days when, no matter how much you know you should workout, you just can’t bring yourself to put on a sports bra and sweat for an hour or two? You’re too tired. The futon is too comfortable. And those Project Runway re-runs need to be watched again. Well, don’t be too hard on yourself – you only have so much willpower. Literally.

  • Fashion Porn: Workout-wear Orgy

    School is in full swing, which means you've got classes, student groups, long hours in the library, late night binges after a long night of drinking.... And you gotta fit the gym in there somewhere.

  • Work Out With Your Mother (Earth)

    I have this theory that anything that’s good for the planet is good for your health as well. You’ve heard it all before: ditching the car, eating organic greens, and drinking tap water are all great ways to maintain your well-being. But did you know that adding a little green to your workout routine can actually bump it its effectiveness and your subsequent sexiness?

  • Online Classes? How About Wii Classes?

    We’re all well aware of the fact that we are the technology generation. We spend our days glued to computer screens, sending more texts and BBMs a minute then our hearts beat, and accompanying our lives with a personal soundtrack courtesy of our iPods. After Twitter made it possible to tell the world what you’re doing every 2 seconds, I thought nothing could shock me.

  • Body Blog: New Year, New You

    Your slate is clean (and your pants still fit!), so let this new school year be your opportunity to start fresh and make good, healthy choices. It's always good to start out with goals you actually will end up completing, so here are some small, completely doable changes for you to consider so that this year finds you healthier and even more fabulous than the last!

  • Just How Hard Is It To Burn Those Extra Calories?

    So the fall semester is rolling round again. For you freshies that means the dreaded “Freshman 15." For the rest of us it means the shame of gaining an undisclosed amount of weight even though we are supposed to be “adjusted” and know how to stay healthy while we’re away from home.

  • The Fat Camp Chronicles: This Place Might Kill Me

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it here another two weeks. I may kill myself. Or someone else. I say this because yesterday I was forced to do a mini-triathalon. I'm not sure if I've ever endured greater agony than what I just experienced. Alright, that's sort of an overstatement, but it really was incredibly effing hard.

  • The Weekly Wrap Up: The Week Of Hell

    It's been one hell of a week. Literally. The mixture of heat and humidity outside is paralleled only in Satan's world, and the frizz ball that is my head makes me think someone upstairs is very, very upset with me. But, besides all that, I guess the week wasn't too bad as we wrapped up July, CollegeCandy style.

  • The Fat Camp Chronicles: If You’re Not Sore, You’re Not Working Hard Enough

    Having now survived a full week of fat camp, I think I can safely say that I probably have never worked as hard in my life as I have since I got here. I'm incredibly out of shape (which adds to the difficulty), and it's been a big change for me. It's been a good change, however; I needed to get out of my comfort zone.

  • Introducing: The Best. Workout. Ever.

    Since I don't exercise in a traditional manner (i.e. don't exercise at all...), I end up counting any and all physical activities as exercise. Like walking to the train station. Or shopping. Or sex. Well, apparently someone else is on the same page as I am.

  • Budget Stylista: Budget Buys for a Bangin Bod

    The good news is its not too late to get moving. And what's more motivating than knowing you look damn good in your workout clothes? Nothing. Well, maybe that cute guy in the gym who will be seeing you in said cute workout clothes.

  • Healthy Living = Sexy Living?

    Maintaining a healthy diet and working out obviously has beneficial effects for our body and well-being. But need another reason to trade in the fries for some fruits and vegetables? Need extra motivation to get yourself to the gym? Well, here you go: These things may also have an effect on our sex life.

  • Body Blog: Can You Be Fit AND Fat?

    When I started training for a half-marathon a few years back I was absolutely convinced that I would be in the best shape of my life. How could running at least 7 miles everyday not give me lean, sexy legs, rock hard abs, or toned arms?

  • Duke It Out: Strip-ercising

    A few years back, it seemed like everybody and their mother (literally) was getting their workout by "workin' it" on a pole. But now, even though the trendiness has faded away, a lot of these pole-dancing and strip aerobics classes are still hanging around. So is it still OK to work up a sweat exotic-dancer style, or is it just skanky?

  • I’m Torn: Bikram Yoga

    When one of my girls suggested we take a Bikram yoga class together, I was super excited. Having each other to go with make things fun, and we'd have to pay for the classes, so we'd stay accountable. Sounds like exactly what I'm looking for. Or it did before I actually took a class. Now, I'm just torn.

  • Interval Training: Fast and Slow’s The Way to Go

    There is nothing I love more than the great feeling of accomplishment (with a side of endorphins) that comes after 45 minutes on the elliptical. Well, maybe sex on cold sheets. Or the guys at Cold Stone who give me a “Gotta Have It” for the price of a “Love It.”

  • Admit it: Lame Excuses To Pig Out

    Summer is almost here and, ideally, we should all be eating lots of fruits and vegetables and hitting the gym every day. But really, who wants to do all of that work? We’re too busy to focus on eating well. We don’t have enough money to buy healthier foods. Sugary cocktails are too good to pass up after a hard day. The list goes on and on.

  • Body Blog: Summer Sports Leagues Make for Fun Workouts

    With the sun shining and the weather heating up, it's hard to motivate yourself to spend an hour inside a dark and smelly gym. At the same time, if you're not into running, getting a good workout outdoors isn't always easy. Or fun. So what can you do to take in the beautiful summer weather and burn some serious calories?

  • Body Blog: Look Like a Fitness Model With This Workout

    Do you ever look at pictures in Shape or Self magazine and wonder how the models get their perfect bodies? Well, most likely they have been Photoshopped to perfection, but in real life, they are not far from it.

  • Coffee is Good, Vegetables Are Not

    Health guidelines and facts are constantly changing as we learn more about the human body and what we need to stay strong. To maintain optimal health, you need to keep up to date with the newest in fitness, nutrition and medical research. Check out the latest headlines about that unique body of yours:

  • Body Blog: Take Your Workouts Outdoors

    The sun is shining, the breeze is warm and Spring is in full swing. Who wants to waste such a beautiful day slaving away on a treadmill indoors? Research shows that sharing your sweat session with Mother Nature decreases your stress levels and ups your calorie burn due to the varied terrain and fluctuating temperatures. It's time to lace up your Nikes and head to the nearest park.