• Which Award-Winning Actress Dunked Her Breasts Into Guacamole?

    Guacamole and chips is one of my favorite go-to snacks of all time, especially since I am pretty good at making my own fresh guacamole. However, I recently found out that a certain well-known actress supposedly shoved her bare breasts into guacamole while filming a scene for her upcoming movie.

  • Have You Discovered Facebook’s “Other Folder”? Apparently Everyone Has One!

    We've all seen the "Cheap Pharmacy Pills" and "We Found Your Soul Mate" emails sitting in our spam folder. But did you know Facebook has a similar thing? This magical treasure chest is called the "Other" folder.

  • How To Create a Fake Online Girlfriend [WTF Friday]

    fter the uproar in the sporting world this week about Notre Dame's star linebacker Manti Te'o's dead girlfriend scandal, as well as shows like MTV's "Catfish," I guess online geeks are taking it to a whole new level by supplying the internet masses with a step-by-step guide on how to fabricate a girlfriend.

  • Breaking Down The Manti Te’o Dead Girlfriend Hoax

    Was Manti Te'o in on the hoax? Is he gay? CollegeCandy is here to give you the deets and the dirt. We've digested the very long Deadspin article so you don't have to.

  • Woman Got Stuck Between Two Buildings While Reaching for Pop-Tart

    She supposedly fell between the two buildings as she was climbing, and no one knows exactly what she was doing to cause the fall. She has been hung there for our hours while firefighters struggled to find a way to free her.

  • Wrangler’s New Moisturiznig Jeans Want to Make Your Butt Soft and Smooth

    The moisturizers supposedly contain "the hydrating properties of natural oils and butters" with such exotic ingredients as monoi de Tahiti? Never heard of that one until now...

  • Let’s Break Down Jodie Foster’s Awkward “Coming Out” Speech

    Surprisingly, Foster ended up discussing a little more than her acting career in her almost seven minute long speech. From her dating status, to quitting acting, to not quitting acting, Foster stayed on stage to talk about basically whatever crossed her mind (Honey B00 Boo even got a shout out!).

  • Things I Do Not Want To Do: Craning

    I'm all for adventure. I think exploring and doing fun activities makes for a fuller life. Like I'll go wander around Central Park with you or like drive to Canada, but there are just some things that should be left alone.

  • Wizard Casts Spell on Kate Middleton, Instantly Ages Her 37 Years [WTF Friday]

    Kate Middleton and Prince William got the first glimpse of Kate's royal portrait in a private viewing Friday morning, and let's just say it should have stayed private.

  • The Stupidest Wedding Stuff on Pinterest [The Weekly 10]

    Look, it doesn't matter who you are...I know you have a weddings board on Pinterest. Whether it's titled 'My Perfect Day' or 'What Will Be the Best Day of My Life' or just 'Weddings,' you have one and I know it.

  • Chef Farts on His Employees, Then Tells The World Via Craigslist. Nice.

    In what is probably the weirdest news of the day, one self-proclaimed well-known chef (he's allegedly been on The Food Network) set himself up for the ultimate challenge. He attempted to fart on every single one of his employees.

  • The OkCupid Goldmine Tumblr is The Ultimate Dream Man Resource

    These people are not real. I mean, just let their profiles speak for themselves. Why would you ever say that to anyone ever?! I HAVE NO EVENS. Like...no wonder these people are single. I just..can't.

  • You Can Now Get Fired For Being “Irresistible”

    Yup, that's correct. In Iowa, you can actually get fired if your boss finds you irresistible. Sounds crazy, right? But it's THE LAW.

  • TLC Wants You to Have the Best Funeral Ever [WTF Friday]

    Just when you thought TLC couldn't find another wacky topic to turn into a TV show, they had to go and out-do themselves...once again. No, they're not diving into the sex lives of house cats (although that series will probably launch next year), they're exploring the world of funerals.

  • Hear Yoko Ono’s GLORIOUS Rendition of Katy Perry’s “Firework”

    I am amazed the power with which a woman her age is able to capture her audience and leave her fans clamoring for more. It's not everyday you come across singers with such a strong voice.

  • The Time I Got in An Argument With A CollegeCandy Commenter

    Hi. I'm Molly and I have a problem. It's a problem that has plagued me my entire life, and it's this: I can't keep my mouth shut.

  • WTF Friday: A Website in Japan Lets You Rent a Boyfriend

    Apparently, you can rent a "boyfriend" in Japan for $364 US dollars. You can also rent girlfriends. The premise? Sometimes people just want warm bodies to sleep next to. So you call up this company and a member of their "cast" can perform certain duties, but they can't sleep with you or kiss you.

  • Students Taught How To Enslave/Sell Africans [The Apocalypse]

    Lesson materials included direction on how to carry out a “slave raid” and manipulate “African Chiefs” through bribes and lacing them with alcohol.

  • There’s A Fake Victoria’s Secret Anti-Rape Line [Sugar Binge]

    Pink Consent is a lingerie campaign for a good cause that plays off of the traditional Victoria's Secret line, although it isn't actually affiliated. I wonder if putting those words on your bum completely undermines the message?

  • Nadia Cho’s Tips for Having Sex in the Library

    If you are trying to spice up your sex life on your college campus, look no further. Tired of having too much privacy? Is your bed too comfortable? Do social contracts feel oppressive? Nadia Cho of Berkeley has the answer. Library sex: because studying is fun. Nadia explains the ins and outs of reference section nookie, and spills all the secrets on how you can too.

  • Neiman Marcus For Target = Meh [Photos]

    Target has collaborated with 24 designers for their Neiman Marcus line and the results are disappointing. What am I supposed to do with an Oscar De La Renta dog bowl? None of the pieces are special and they're pretty expensive for looking so generic and often cheap.

  • Um, Ew. The Walking Dead Ad Agency Makes Bikini Zombie Calendar

    A South African ad agency for The Walking Dead has apparently made a calendar for 2013 featuring zombie babes in bikinis. Yeah, that ain't right.

  • The Cautionary Christmas Tale of Ebenezer Snoop [WTF Friday]

    It's kind of like A Christmas Carol, except not at all. I mean, the premise is there. A crotchety old man (Snoop) learns how to find Christmas (how to party again?) I'm not really sure.

  • A Sippy Cup…For Your Wine? [WTF Friday]

    Here's one WTF Friday you certainly won't find me hating on. A company that specializes in products for clumsy alcoholics has developed every college-girl-in-heels' dream: the Vino2Go.

  • FTM Trans Man Transitions To Look Like Harry Styles

    Look, transgendered people are people too, so we should treat them like everybody else. That means we get to giggle at them when they do cray cray things like want to look like Harry Styles.